Top 12 Best ECM Software for Your Business

Enterprise content management (ECM) software helps businesses organize and manage their content, saving time and money.

Many businesses struggle with managing their content due to fragmented data management processes and a lack of digitized content, but ECM can help solve these problems. This article provides information on the top ECM software available to help businesses manage their content effectively.

What is Enterprise content management (ECM) software

ECM software is a set of tools and technologies that help businesses to effectively store, organize, and manage their electronic and paper-based content and documents. ECM provides a centralized repository for all of a business’s content, making it easy to store, access, and track the its usage across the organization. It also includes features such as version control, workflow management, and security controls to ensure that data is handled and accessed in a controlled and consistent manner.

Benefits of Using ECM Software 

  • ECM streamlines the content lifecycle and automates process workflows, allowing businesses to effectively manage an increasing volume of digital information.
  • (ECM) software helps businesses manage important digital documents, such as contracts, product specifications, and marketing plans, by providing a central repository for storing and organizing these documents.
  • ECM establishes a file plan for categorizing documents and adds metadata to tag files by various criteria. This allows businesses to effectively manage and access large volumes of electronic documents, which can be lengthy and complex, and helps to ensure that important information is stored and organized in a consistent and secure manner.
  • It provides a simple and easily accessible platform for teams to share and organize electronic documents and digitized images. ECM allows team members to organize files and folders using familiar terms that match their tasks, and it maintains a central repository for securely storing and categorizing content.
  • By providing an intuitive platform for sharing and organizing information, ECM can help to increase team productivity and facilitate collaboration within an organization.
  • It authenticates users, controls access to files and logs interactions to provide administrators with data to monitor and verify content flows. Modern ECM tools also use AI, telemetry, and continuous monitoring to detect and prevent risks in real time.
  • It helps companies mitigate the risks associated with managing digital content by providing tools and services that support good governance across the content lifecycle. These tools and services are accompanied by operational strategies that help ensure the security, trustworthiness, and overall health of the digital content being managed.

Best ECM Software in 2023


Alfresco is a full-service ECM platform with AI-driven data classification that is used by large organizations such as NASA and the US Navy. It includes features such as document management, collaboration, and business intelligence.

One of the most important characteristics of this comprehensive ECM software is its ability to stay up-to-date with modern technology in order to improve document lifecycle management, automation, and security.

Pricing: Available upon request


Laserfiche is a content management software that specializes in document capture and organization. It offers features such as records compliance, connection with Microsoft 365, and a customizable public portal.

Pricing (subscription per month):

  • Starter – $50
  • Professional – $69
  • Business – $79

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a suite of productivity tools that includes features such as access to templates and fonts, collaboration, and advanced security and compliance. It is available in plans for personal, small business, and enterprise users.


Business Plans (per user per month)

  • Business Basic – $6
  • Business Standard – $12.50
  • Business Premium – $22
  • Microsoft 365 Apps – $8.25

Enterprise Plans (billed annually)

  • Microsoft 365 E3 – $36
  • Microsoft 365 E5 – $57
  • Microsoft 365 F3 – $8


Box is a cloud-based content management platform that offers features such as security and compliance, integrations with other tools, and workflow automation. It is suitable for both small and large organizations.

Pricing (subscription per month):

  • Business Starter – $7
  • Business – $20
  • Business Plus – $33
  • Enterprise – $47
  • Enterprise Plus – custom


DocuWare is a cloud-based document management software that allows for custom user permissions and is designed for remote work. It includes features such as smart document control, invoice processing, and secure document archiving.

Pricing: Custom pricing


OpenText is an ECM platform that offers features such as content management, process management, and analytics. It is suitable for both small and large organizations.

Some of the features of the platform include extended ECM, core content, core sharing, archiving, and document preview. In addition to these traditional ECM capabilities, the platform also includes AI-powered technologies for automated data capture and document classification, which can help reduce human errors and improve the speed and efficiency of finding digital files.

The pricing for the OpenText extended ECM platform cannot be determined upfront and requires a consultation with the company to assess the specific needs and requirements of the implementation.


M-Files is a cloud-based ECM platform that offers features such as document management, workflow automation, and collaboration. It is suitable for small and large companies. It is similar to Windows File Explorer and has a simple drag-and-drop feature for uploading documents.

M-Files is particularly helpful for knowledge workers who need to quickly find, collaborate on, and process large numbers of documents on a daily basis. It enables your team to utilise the familiar Salesforce interface to access and manage client information.

It has features such as optical character recognition (OCR), e-signing, offline access, and workflow automation. It also has 24/7 phone support for any issues that may arise.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a suite of productivity tools that includes features such as file storage and sharing, collaboration, and security. It is suitable for small and medium businesses.

It gives your company more flexibility and a broader range of capabilities, allowing you to safeguard your documents and data, interact more effectively, and use sophisticated tools and programmes to boost team productivity, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.


Hyland has been recognized by Gartner Peer Insights as the Customer Choice for content services platforms in 2022. Hyland is known for its wide range of ECM products, including cloud storage, access management, information management, and content creation, as well as its ability to create customized solutions for its customers.

They are known for getting to know their customers well in order to recommend the right products and solutions to support their businesses. Hyland’s solutions are designed to help companies efficiently manage and retrieve content.

Pricing: Available upon request


PaperSave is a software solution that assists companies in managing their digital files by allowing them to collect, save, and integrate papers into a streamlined process. It indexes collected data automatically for quick retrieval and can interface with third-party systems like as ERP, CRM, and productivity applications. PaperSave may reduce approval delays, enhance employee productivity, and improve customer satisfaction.

Pricing: Available upon request


OpenText is a global leader in enterprise content management (ECM), acknowledged by Gartner, and trusted by thousands of clients across several sectors for their digital transformation needs. The platform provides comprehensive on-premises content management solutions, as well as cloud migration and completely managed services for enterprises moving from on-premises to the cloud. OpenText assists businesses in banking, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and supply chain.

Pricing: Available upon request


DocStar is a powerful ECM software with extensive capabilities for document capture, classification, and indexing, as well as recognising and removing mistakes to improve document quality. Users may also develop customised and automated workflows to boost team efficiency. DocStar may be used to automate accounts payable, develop electronic forms, handle HR papers, automate sales documents, and manage cloud data efficiently.

Pricing: Available upon request


An enterprise content management (ECM) system is a software solution that manages and stores all of an organization’s content. It consists of various software products that work together to organize, manage, and share data, documents, and files.

The primary goal of an ECM system is to make it simple to identify, manage, and distribute all of an organization’s content, while also ensuring that this information is constantly available.

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