How to remove unwanted javascript files from joomla page.

In this short tutorial I will show you how you can remove the idle javascript files from the joomla template page, which you don’t want to use. I have described here some ways, you can choose to use the convenient one to you. Use these scripts right before the closing </head> tag.

First Code:

// this code will stop the loading of all the default joomla js files.
$this->_script = $this->_scripts = array(); 

Second Code:

         // here you will get the array which contain all the major scripts
         $document = JFactory::getDocument(); 
         $headData = $document->getHeadData();
         $scripts = $headData['scripts'];

         // here you can remove the script you want.
         $headData['scripts'] = $scripts;

Third Code:

// unset a single js file

Forth code:

// Another way to disable unwanted js.
$user =&amp; JFactory::getUser();
if($user->get('guest') == 1 || $user->get('guest') != 1) {
    $search = array('mootools', 'caption.js');
    // remove the js files
    foreach($this->_scripts as $key => $script) {
        foreach($search as $findme) {
            if(stristr($key, $findme) !== false) {






Hope, it will help someone.



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