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Detailed hosting tutorials to give a complete insight of what the hosting is, how to find the best option with the help of detailed comparison articles and creating a better web experience.

The Difference Between PHP as Apache Module and CGI Binary?

Written By: Nohman Habib   |   No Comments   |   Posted On: September 11, 2020
Let ’s suppose PHP as a computer program that, when text is sent, translates the whole thing into a matrix and returns it as output. There are two different ways that we can run this program:We can integrate it…

The Difference Between Web Hosting And Domain Name

Written By: Nohman Habib   |   No Comments   |   Posted On: September 2, 2020
We have thousands of websites on the Internet today. In order for a website to be visible or accessible, it must be uploaded to a web server. Each website has a web-space that is referred to as a virtual directory…

24 Things To Check Before Registering a Domain

Written By: Nohman Habib   |   No Comments   |   Posted On: September 1, 2020
Many online users, particularly those who are about to register their first domain name, assume that if a name appears as available during a pre-purchase search, it has to be brand-new, because it has never been used. Most people find…

How to choose the best hosting provider

Written By: Nohman Habib   |   No Comments   |   Posted On: August 16, 2020
Choosing a web hosting service for a small or big business can seem like a daunting task at first.  It really doesn’t have to be, though.  There are a multitude of factors that go into choosing the right web host…


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