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I provide best web development services at an affordable cost and deliver the project before the promised date. I have more than 11 years of professional website development experience and have completed more than 100 projects with 100% client satisfaction. My portfolio includes wast array of website projects specially built using Joomla and wordpress.

Currently a website has become a basic need of every business and organization because it gives it a global exposure and aids in making the sales better and profitable. Due to huge demand in market, more and more people are become web developers and it has become difficult for a client to choose which one is better for his project.

Now here is why I am different than others and how can I add a value to your business as a web developer. I am not fond of writing huge statements regarding my expertise or praising myself so I will mention only the key points, how I can take your business to a whole new level.

I start from the planning phase. Every business has different needs, different audience and different products or services to sell, or just provide consultancy. I first study the market and user base and then make a mind map accordingly.

After that, I lay down a mockup and construct a basic layout. I usually use Joomla or WordPress as a CMS.

When the site development is completed, content it will have is of utmost importance. Bogus content can ruin all efforts, so I check the content according to the keywords provided by client, before putting the content to the site. Similarly images are also optimized as well.

After all is set and final delivery occurs. You might be thinking that this is the end of project as project is delivered to the client, but no, its not over. The most most important and crucial stage starts after it and that is SEO. People make a big mistake here, they get site developed from one person and hires an SEO expert to optimize it at low cost, thinking that few backlinks and keyword optimization is the only thing they need. This is a big mistake.

I provide complete SEO services after the project is finished because I know that I have laid down the foundation of SEO when I started to just create a mockup. Now I know where it should be pointed to and how much far it can go in terms of improvement.

In my 11 years experience, I have noticed lots of webmaster, making these mistake of starting the SEO, after the initial project is completed and not get much success. If you have any project in which you want my consultancy, you can contact me in this regard.


My name is Nohman Habib and I am a web developer with over 10 years of experience, programming in Joomla, Wordpress, WHMCS, vTiger and Hybrid Apps. My plan to start is to share my experience and expertise with others. Here my basic area of focus is to post tutorials primarily on Joomla development, HTML5, CSS3 and PHP.

Nohman Habib


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