Web Programming and IT Support Services

I have been providing state of the art web programming and IT support services for last 8 years. I work in the areas like, web development, web application Programming, web maintenance, software designing and modeling, web re-designing, ecommerce, SEO / SMM, Joomla / WordPress based development, Vulnerability and Penetration Testing, hybrid mobile apps etc. In my programming experience, I aways provided cost-effective, quality oriented, and reliable software services to clients across the globe. Below is a brief introduction of fields, in which I and my team work.

Web Development

I possess an exceptional web development experience and specialized in all facets of web development. From planning to analysis, design to implementation, and promotion to deployment, I am committed to offer complete satisfaction to every single client. My outstanding knowledge of the processes and libraries / frameworks that take part in developing a website, assist me in meeting my clients.

Web Application Programming

Programming prominent and successful Web Applications for a wide-range of companies across the globe should be added to my many fields of expertise. I have worked on almost all of today’s popular frameworks and CMS, including Laravel, codeigniter, Joomla and WordPress, but my major work comprises on Joomla and WordPress. I am also dedicated to develop object-oriented designs that fulfill your requirements, while exercising flexibility for those unavoidable changes that arise down the track. Some of my major web apps include CSV processing system, order processing and reporting system, Franchise management system, CSR tracking system, SEO extension, recipe component, Carport evaluation app and third party integrations and much much more.

Ecommerce Site Development

Online shopping can broadly be divided into Business to Business (B2B)and Business and Customer(B2C) processes and luckily I have worked in both systems. I provide user friendly E-Commerce web design and development services which are customized for the purchasing process. Customized E-Commerce applications are an asset for both the consumers and organizations since they offer quick accessibility. I have integrated almost every major payment gateway with ecommerce syystem, including Payway Net,Paypal, Authorize, Google checkout,SnapEBT and much more.

Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

These tests are designed to investigate any subsequently enumerate potential attack points. I utilize several commercial-grade, enterprise level Vulnerability and Penetration testing tools and software to efficiently and very detailed inspection of your application, server and related services, standard port scans, known application vulnerabilities (older software versions, etc.)


My name is Nohman Habib and I am a web developer with over 10 years of experience, programming in Joomla, Wordpress, WHMCS, vTiger and Hybrid Apps. My plan to start codingace.com is to share my experience and expertise with others. Here my basic area of focus is to post tutorials primarily on Joomla development, HTML5, CSS3 and PHP.

Nohman Habib

CEO: codingace.com

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