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Detailed Joomla open-source Content Management System (CMS) Tutorials to learn Component, Templates and Plugin Development in an efficient manner. Aimed to provide comprehensive information, you will be able to create a better Joomla based site and extensions.

Creating responsive module positions in Joomla

Written By: Nohman Habib   |   No Comments   |   Posted On: June 18, 2021
Powering millions of websites, Joomla is the second most used Content Management System available on the internet. The success of Joomla is attributed to many factors, such as the open source availability of Joomla CMS, the security of the Joomla…

Detecting Virtuemart pages through conditional statements

Written By: Nohman Habib   |   No Comments   |   Posted On: August 12, 2020
Here in this post I am sharing a way to detect if your current visited page is a VirtueMart page, category page or product detail page. I think most of you might have experienced that when your client asked you

Jimdo Vs Joomla: Which one is a better option?

Written By: Nohman Habib   |   No Comments   |   Posted On: September 11, 2019
Many people wonder which to choose out of Joomla Vs Jimdo to build a site. There are clear differences between them. Joomla is a free content management system for publishing web content. All you need is a host. Jimdo Vs…

How to change read more button text in Joomla 4

Written By: Nohman Habib   |   No Comments   |   Posted On: September 10, 2019
There are lots of occasions where you want to change the text of general “Read More” button in Joomla. In this article, I am going to show how you can accomplish this using Joomla 4 languages override feature. To accomplish…

Welcome to Joomla 3.x extension development crash course

Written By: Nohman Habib   |   No Comments   |   Posted On: May 9, 2018
Learn Joomla 3 extension development from scratch. In this course we are going to build a complete extension from beginning and each step will be explained in full detail, along with proper code. After this tutorial you will be able…

How to remove unwanted javascript files from joomla page.

Written By: Nohman Habib   |   3 Comments   |   Posted On:
In this short tutorial I will show you how you can remove the idle javascript files from the joomla template page, which you don’t want to use. I have described here some ways, you can choose to use the convenient…

Common Joomla error messages and their solution

Written By: Nohman Habib   |   No Comments   |   Posted On: May 8, 2018
Following is a list of most commonly occurring Joomla error messages, with instructions on how to set these.…


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