Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a mechanism of targeting people who are searching for what you have or you already possess. If your site is fully optimized with respect to SEO, people will have the ability to access your site easily and thus you can sell your products and services to them. As a web developer and an SEO expert, I believe that a great idea should be shared because these ideas are the building blocks of a successful business. As an SEO expert, its my job to spread this idea to as much people as it could be, by increasing the accessibility of your website. I have great ideas regarding site optimization and online marketing.

Onsite Optimization.

Onsite optimization is the base for starting an online marketing campaign. It involves analyzing the website from all aspects, including, loading speed analysis, setting a CDN, image optimization, content analysis, GZip compression, conversion rate optimization, bounce rate analysis, coding approach used and a lot more things. If your site is not fit in terms of points defined above, it is useless to start an offsite SEO campaign because it would just be a wastage of time and money. So, onsite optimization comes first and then any other strategies.

Adapting a Scientific Approach:

I believe that search engine optimization is a science. I use the most advance SEO tools and also I have created some of my own to facilitate me in this process. Some of them, you can see in the SEO tools section of this site, 70% I have developed by myself. The reason behind this was that, I did not want to depend on third party tools. I believe in the science of cause and effect. The better and smarter I will execute the SEO process, the more better it would be for my clients businesses.

Recent search engine updates have changed the way internet marketing agencies work toward optimization. What changes that need to make in 2014 depends massively on where your company stands now in relation to an active content marketing strategy.

What is Strategic SEO?

Every website is different as every business is. I believe that a same approach can not solve the same problem always. I construct an SEO plan after studying marketing niche in a great detail. I work closely with my clients to establish an effective strategy and budget. After that I layout a detailed plan regarding search engine marketing and optimization which fully fits with their business needs. I care about every dollar that my client spends on their campaign.

Transparent SEO Process.

I always tend to make a long term partnership with my clients. I see our relationship as a long term relationship. Transparency and honesty is a basis for long lasting relationships. I am always honest in my work and always expected the same from my clients. A clear and mutual understanding of each other leads to a better working relationship and greatly influence the success of SEO campaign.

I have an action approach, rather than reaction.

As an SEO expert, I am just like an internet marketing “agent” for my clients and I always have the power to act rather than react. My approach to search engine optimization is proactive. I am proactive in my efforts to preempt internet marketing shifts such as search engine algorithm updates. I always accept responsibility for my actions, the good and the bad.

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