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Domain age checker is a premium level free tool to find out the exact age of a domain. Type the domain url below and get its real age.

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How this tool works:

It calculates the duration of time between the first purchase of a domain and the duration through which it lasted. For the instance, if it is bought in 2015, then its age will be 4 years, if you are checking it in 2019. This what the whole concept of domain age is.

The Domain Age Checker tool identifies the actual age of your domain and helps the user to discover the domain registration and expiry date. This is a free service that helps to check the age of a domain. If you have a lot of domains and want to verify when you buy them, you can use a domain age check tool. This is free to use and enables one to check as many domains as he wants to examine. The tool will show all the information you need for a domain name and for free. The factors you will be able to verify with Check Domain Age are discussed below.

Domain Age: You will see how long the domain name has been registered. The period will be shown in years and days. The age of the domain name is calculated from the date the owner purchased the domain name.

Domain Created Date: This field will indicate the date on which the holder of the website paid for the domain name and developed it.

Domain Updated Date: Here you will discover the date of the last renewal of the domain name. The date will change the next time the owner has updated the date.

Domain Expiry Date: The date the domain name expires or going to expire will be shown here.

These are the four things you’ll find out after using the Domain Age Check tool. If you are interested in purchasing a domain name that is not present but you are not sure when it is going to expire, you can use this tool to show the domain expiry date. This will assist you to prepare in advance, as you will realize the date when the domain name expires, which will enable you to quickly buy the domain name.

If you plan to buy an aged domain name, you can keep in mind a few points.

  • If you are planning to purchase an expired domain, make sure there are no associated issues. You can use the domain age check tool to verify the domain age bracket range and other information. In addition, you can also obtain the WHOIS data that will provide you with all the domain name owner’s private data.
  • There may be a likelihood that the domain name you plan to purchase will be blacklisted by Google. You will not be able to get any content indexed on the search engine if the domain name is blacklisted.
  • Check for any trademarks that might lead you to problems. If there is a trademark of a large business in your domain name, there is a likelihood that the business might sue you for using it without their consent.

We are sure that you generate social media profiles if you are going to build a blog with an existing domain name. Check and see if your domain name is available for social media users or not.

How is domain registration age related to SEO?

Google favours older domains for a number of reasons:

  • Well-established sites that own older domain names are often more reliable sources of information.
  • Spammers utilizing blackhat SEO techniques register and discard domains quickly in order to not get caught and legally penalized.
  • Due to the number of blackhat SEO and spammers, new domains are questionable until there is evidence of stability.

How do we know Google uses domain age as ranking criteria?

Google’s patent “Information Retrieval Based on Historical Data” clearly states that Google does take into account domain registration and renewal dates. The following quotes are from Google’s search criteria documents:

  • “e;…the date that a domain with which a document is registered may be used as an indication of the inception date of the document.”
  • Certain signals may be used to distinguish between illegitimate and legitimate domains… Valuable (legitimate) domains are often paid for several years in advance, while doorway (illegitimate) domains rarely are used for more than a year. Therefore, the date when a domain expires in the future can be used as a factor in predicting the legitimacy of a domain and, thus, the documents associated therewith.”

My domain is an older one, so why was I just penalized by Google?

The name of the domain may be used illegally in the times of spamming or other SEO black hat and then sold without the knowledge of the new owner and to a new, rules-abiding owner without any change in the domain registration date.

Can parking domains for a long time before using them help get better rankings?

Domain names can sometimes be parked, that is registered but never used for a long time, and therefore have not provided evidence of the site being a quality site.

My competition started using a brand new domain and shot to the top of the search index. How does that work?

New domains are often used by highly established companies will often be successful using a 301 redirect from an older domain that has already proven itself and combining it with a very optimized campaign.


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