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If a website is on a shared server, other websites on that server can negatively affect your website’s performance, security and SEO because they share the same IP address.The only way to find other websites on your server is to perform a reverse IP check. Reverse IP Lookup will report how many neighbors you have, and who they are.

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It’s very simple to use this tool. All you need to do is, enter the domain name you want to test. Once you have typed the domain name, simply click the Search button, and if there are websites on the same server you will see them in the results. You can check the websites by accessing them.

All about reverse ip domain checker

When you use shared website hosting for your site, it means that many users are sharing the same server to host their websites. In general, this means that your website is not only hosted on the server, since other websites are also incorporated on the server by several other users.

You should use the reverse domain IP tool to find out if there are other websites or domains on the same network as your own. Reverse Domain IP is a free tool that can be used to search all websites hosted on the same IP as your own domain. The tool will also help you to determine if your website’s page rank has been compromised by the hosting services or not.

This will help you identify websites that might have resulted to a low page ranking When Google sees any website that has inappropriate content on a shared database, it assumes that all other websites on the same network are also problematic and could result in a low Google Page Rank. When you encounter any website that has led to a low Page score, you can simply contact your web host and ask them to move you to a new safer web host.

Shared vs Dedicated Web hosting

Search engines are blocking other forms of web hosting. If you use shared web hosting, there is a risk that other websites that are found on the same domain may also be blocked by search engines. If you do not want to endanger your website and have incorporated a lot on your website in terms of search engine optimization and content, you can move to a dedicated server.

The ‘Dedicated web hosting’ is a web hosting service in which client acquires the complete web server which is not shared with any other client. Dedicated web hosting is even more flexible than Shared web hosting as the client has complete control of the server with all its services. Client on his or her own wish can install any Operating System or program, hardware, software and so on. The client can however get the server administration from the web hosting company as an extra service. Generally, you get great returns, when your investment and use this web hosting type.

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