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It can be really difficult to calculate the number of dead links on a website. Over time, some links stop working and if you have these links on your website, they will impact the ranking of your website. If you want to find the broken links or dead links on your website, then you can use a broken link checker. The Broken Links checker is a free tool which you can use to scan your site or blog and find all the URLs which are not active or are broken. The tool will scan web pages or your entire website and validate the external and internal links which are present on your website.

Unlike other tools, you can use a broken link checker for free. The tool is very easy to use as you just have to enter the link on the website and click on the Submit button. You will see all the internal as well as external links which are present on your website. If there are some links which are dead on your website, then this tool will show the locations in HTML. As you are given the hyperlinks, it becomes really easy to locate the links and remove them from your website. The status code of the links will help you to understand the position of the links on your website.

How do broken links hurt your SEO rankings?

You might be wondering what the big deal is about the broken links’ existence? You can have a look at the points below, which will help you to understand why it is bad to have broken links.

Broken links on a website can result in the loss of customers. If the visitors of your website find broken links on your website, they will shift from your website, which will not only affect the conversions of your blog but also the traffic.

It will also become difficult for one to get new customers. As there are broken links present on your website, new visitors won’t be able to find the things they came searching for on your website.

Broken links have a direct impact on the reputation of your blog online. If there are broken hyperlinks present on your website, your customers will simply think that you are not serious about your blog and, eventually, you will lose your online reputation.

If there are broken links present on your website, it will have a negative effect on the search engine rankings of the blog. You will see negative results on Google, Bing and Yahoo, which will eventually decrease the traffic you were getting earlier.

These are some of the reasons which will help you to understand why it is bad to have broken links on a website. You can take the help of our tool to find out all the broken links on your website and remove them. We suggest you perform a link audit once every two months.

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