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List of 15 most awesome and fast loading image galleries list. All have small code but still have good effects and small loading time.

Here is a list of 10 accordions that I have chosen on the basis of their small code size and thus have fast loading speed. In spite of small code size, all have very good smooth sliding effects.

In this post I am showing you how to pass data or variables from PHP to Javascript. When we open a web page, HTML and Javascript loads in background, which can execute JS on that html.  It commonly occurs in your programming experience that you need to pass a variable from php to javascript. Here I am discussing some ways, through which you can accomplish this motive.

Welcome to the tutorial. My name is Nohman Habib and I am a web developer, with over 8 years of professional experience. I will be your instructor in this course and will teach you how you can develop a complete joomla extension, from scratch. 8 years have been passed, since I first downloaded and used joomla and from that day I have fallen love with it and from that time, I am programming in it. I have developed a lot of custom extensions, including simple to most complex ones.

An effective business website has become a basic requirement for business and product promotion. Having a good website for your business is very essential as it gives an online exposure to your products and services on the web. It not only assures more publicity but also brings a high level profit because people now a days prefer online visiting and purchasing any product.

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