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21 Best WordPress Security tips to Secure Your Website

Written By: Nohman Habib   |   No Comments   |   Posted On: March 26, 2020
Here is a complete list of about 21 wordpress security tips, implementation of which can make your site secure from any hacking attacks. 1. Make Your Password Strong The password comes at the first place when someone wants to login…

10 SEO Tips for Configuring a WordPress Blog

Written By: Nohman Habib   |   No Comments   |   Posted On: March 25, 2020
Most people who have WordPress blogs offer very little, if any, thought to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) other than probably setting the title, meta keywords, and meta-description attributes on their post pages.  But there are a lot of things you…

Redirecting Web Pages: 301 Redirect Basics

Written By: Nohman Habib   |   No Comments   |   Posted On: February 4, 2020
In very simple words, a 301 redirect (also called a URL Redirect) is a web code that redirects one webpage or website to another. Web developers use them all the time. If a you need to change the name of…

How to Create Custom Post Types and Taxonomies in WordPress

Written By: Nohman Habib   |   No Comments   |   Posted On: January 28, 2020
In this step-by-step tutorial I’ll show you how to create custom post types and taxonomies in WordPress. What are custom post types? Custom post types are posts with a different post_type value in database. WordPress has five post types ready…

How to Learn Search Engine Optimization

Written By: Nohman Habib   |   No Comments   |   Posted On:
I’m always asked, “How do I learn about search engine optimization?” And I always have to clarify to the questioners that it doesn’t happen overnight. Learning SEO optimization is an ongoing process Different people learn different ways, so there’s probably…

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