Top 20 Best Gaming Keyboards of 2024

When looking for the best gaming keyboard, it’s important to know that not all keyboards are the same. Consider what features matter to you, like media controls, volume wheels, or the type of keys you like. The Asus ROG Strix Scope II 96 Wireless is our top pick for an excellent gaming experience, even though its name is quite long. But if you prefer something smaller, customizable, or cheaper, we’ve tested and listed some great options below.

Cyberplugs NASR Series Gaming Keyboard, White, Red Axis, JIS Japanese Layout, Keyboard, Mechanical Keyboard, 20 LED Color Changes, All Keys, Independent Settings, Full Size, 108 Keys, Collision

Price : $73.60

LED illumination on the key can be customized freely with over 80 patterns
Options for fixed or personalized illuminated colors
Macro function and key assignment settings available
Four levels of adjustment for LED brightness and speed of discoloration
Mechanical keyboard with red axis, suitable for both beginners and professionals in gaming and office use
Features “white key” and “aluminum alloy” faceplate for the gaming keyboard
1-year warranty from the date of arrival

GamaKay K66 Mechanical Gaming Wired Keyboard Keypad Switch Rainbow RGB Backlit (Brown Switch)

Type-C USB 3.1 for data transmission at 40Gbps speed
Compact, portable, and user-friendly with enhanced independent direction key control
Hot-swappable Gateron Switch for esports-level mechanical performance, catering to players’ needs
PMMA acrylic casting body combining subtlety and prominence, boasting a glazed appearance
Surface treated for atomization to ensure even light transmission
Experiences a mechanical feel without a built-in steel plate

ASUS ROG Strix Flare II Animate 100% RGB Gaming Keyboard – Hot-swappable, ROG NX Blue Linear Switches, Customizable LED Display, PBT Keycaps, Acoustic Dampening Foam, Media Controls, Wrist Rest

Price : $219.99

AniMe Matrix LED display allows personalized images and animations for unique expression
Intuitive controls: dedicated media and volume controls situated conveniently at the top-left corner
Almost-instantaneous response with an 8000 Hz polling rate, delivering a 0.125 ms response time, up to 8 times faster than other leading gaming keyboards
ROG NX mechanical switches offer fast actuation and ROG-tuned force curves for excellent keystroke feel and feedback
Swappable switches enable the installation of preferred switch types for a customized feel
ROG switch stabilizer ensures smooth keystrokes and stability for longer keys
Improved acoustics thanks to built-in sound-dampening foam, absorbing pinging noises and echoes within the keyboard.

CLIENA Gaming Keyboard, Wired Japanese Layout, Keyboard, Blue Axis Mechanical Key, Safe, Replacement (Within the Warranty Period), Domestic Support, Domestic Manual, High Lifespan, 60 Million Times,

Price : $55.61Blue Axis Mechanical Key/Crisp Key providing a variety of clicks for a substantial feel and high pressure, ideal for gamers seeking a unique keyboard experience
Emits a rhythm feeling through sound, commonly favored by professional gamers for its typing sensation
Easy-to-use key arrangement with Japanese 108 LED settings for LED key arrangement (10 settings)
Durable keyboard with a heavy-duty key life of 60 million times; Key Press Down Pressure of 60±10g and Keystroke of 4.0mm
6-month warranty offering replacement of the product in case of breakdown to prevent recurrence and reduce checkout time
Japanese manual and support provided exclusively; CLIENA, an Amazon brand, ensures complete Japanese manuals crafted by Japanese staff and supports Japanese staff
CLIENA products certified by Amazon-approved third-party Social Responsibility Audit for labor practices, work safety, environmental concerns, and ethical commerce in all factories, adhering to Amazon’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

ZMX Custom Keycaps Set,Cherry Profile PBT Dye Sublimation Cute Keycap with Key Puller for 60% 65% 75% 100% Cherry Gateron MX Switches Mechanical Gaming Keyboard DIY Gift (Butterfly)

Price : $29.99

Personalized Keycap Set: Features colorful, personalized patterns with DIY complementary keys, allowing assembly into various keyboard styles
PBT & Dye Sublimation Process: PBT keycaps offer durability, vibrant colors, comfortable typing, and easy cleaning, while advanced dye sublimation ensures vivid, oil-resistant patterns with a long lifespan
Ergonomic Cherry Profile Keycaps: Designed for comfort, efficiency, and reduced finger travel distance, providing lasting comfort with its Cherry profile design
Widely Compatible Keycap Full Set: Fits most ANSI standard mechanical keyboards with MX cross structure switches (Cherry, Gateron, Outemu, Kailh), compatible with various keyboard sizes (61/64/68/84/75/87/96/104/108)
Ideal Gifts: Colorful hand-painted patterns make it an ideal gift for children, teens, and friends, perfect for PC keyboard enthusiasts and keycap customization aficionados to enjoy the fun of DIY keyboards.

ZMX GMK87 Kit,Hot Swap Bluetooth/2.4G Wireless/Type-C Tri-Mode South-Facing RGB with LED Display Knob Gasket Mount VIA Custom Barebones TKL Gaming Keyboard DIY Kit (White)

Price : $74.99

85-key multifunctional keyboard kit with knob and screen, saving 20% desktop space
Smart LED display showing date, time, customizable images; knob adjusts volume
Dynamic RGB effects, customizable via FN key combinations and VIA Pro software
Programmable macro support via VIA software for personalized RGB gaming keyboard
Triple mode connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0/2.4GHz/Wired Type-C, 3000mAh built-in battery
Hot-swappable PCB mount plate kit compatible with various mechanical switches
Gasket mounting, ergonomic design with dual-stage foldable stand for adjustable height
USB storage compartment for easy cable management, gasket material reduces vibrations
– GMK87 kit allows users to build their own customizable RGB backlit mechanical keyboard

ASUS ROG Azoth 75 Wireless DIY Custom Gaming Keyboard, OLED display, Gasket-Mount, Three-Layer Dampening, Hot-Swappable Pre-lubed ROG NX Brown Switches & Keyboard Stabilizers, PBT Keycaps, RGB – White

Price : $212.49

Unique gasket mount design: Three-layered dampening foams and silicone gasket mount for an exceptional typing experience
OLED display and intuitive controls: Instantly view system info and adjust settings with a built-in three-way knob
Hot-swappable switches: NX Snow linear switches and ROG NX Brown clicky switches with walled stem design for stability and enhanced acoustics
Enhanced typing: Pre-lubed stabilizers reduce friction, ensuring smoother keystrokes; durable ROG PBT doubleshot keycaps resist shine and offer a premium feel
Switch lube kit: Includes Krytox GPL-205-GD0 lubricant for beginners venturing into keyboard DIY
Ergonomic design: Two sets of keyboard feet for three tilt positions, catering to different height preferences
MacOS support: Easy toggling between Windows and MacOS modes for seamless compatibility/

ZMX Cute Anime Keycaps Set,Custom PBT Dye-Sublimation Keycap XDA Profile 140 Keys Full Size Keycaps for MX Mechanical Keyboard PC Gaming Accessory for Gamer Girl Gifts (Loopy)

Price : $30.99

XDA Profile Keycaps: Lower than Cherry and OEM profiles, uniform height for comfortable, prolonged typing
Durable PBT Material: Thick-walled, abrasion-resistant, and solvent-resistant keycaps with a textured finish for a premium feel
Precision Craftsmanship: Closed-letter design with dye-sublimation technology for clear, beautiful fonts and patterns
Wide Compatibility: Full-size keycaps set compatible with various cherry mx switches mechanical keyboards (61/64/87/104/108)
Cute and Personalized: Anime-themed custom keycap set allows assembly into various keyboard styles; great desktop decoration and ideal gifts for girls or gaming keyboard enthusiasts.

ZMX AK82 75% Mechanical Keyboard,Hot Swappable RGB Gaming Keyboard Triple Mode Gasket Mount TKL Compact Keyboard with Knob Double-Shot ABS Keycaps (Blue,Red Switch)

Price : $42.99

Compact 75% TKL Gaming Keyboard: 82-key layout with multimedia metal knobs in a warm blue and white color scheme, featuring a cute ghost design for optimal functionality and space-saving
Hot-Swappable Switches & Anti-Ghosting: Hot-swappable PCB allows for solder-free switch replacement; compatible with Cherry MX, Kailh Gateron, and other 3-pin/5-pin switches; all 82 keys are anti-ghosting
Gasket Mount Keyboard: Utilizes gasket material between faceplate and keyboard shell, offering a cushioning sensation, softer keying feel, and reduced noise without altering tactile feedback
Tri-Mode Connection & Dynamic RGB Effect: Bluetooth 5.0/2.4G/Wired Type-C connectivity options; 20 lighting effects, adjustable brightness, and speed; customizable backlighting with “Fn+” combinations
Ergonomic Design & Durable Keycaps: Adjustable feet reduce wrist pressure; dual-color injection-molded translucent ABS keycaps for durability and clear nighttime illumination
Dual System Compatibility & Warranty: Compatible with Windows (11, 10, 8, 7, XP) and MAC OS; 12-month warranty and 24-hour response time for customer support from ZMX.

ZMX Cute Keycaps Set,PBT Keycap Dye-Sublimation MOA Profile Full Size 139 Keys Custom keycaps for Cherry MX Switches Mechanical Gaming Keyboards Keycaps DIY Set (Cute Duck)

Price : $28.99

Cute Keycaps Set: Features a fresh, warm color scheme and personalized complementary keys for versatile keyboard styles and desktop decoration; ideal gift for keyboard enthusiasts
MOA Profile Keycaps: Upgraded profile with rounded and curved edges for enhanced comfort; concave surface for better finger fit and tactile sensation compared to XDA keycaps
Durable PBT Material: Textured premium PBT construction resistant to abrasion, friction, and solvents for an improved user experience
Dye-Sublimation Craft: Advanced five-side heat dye-sublimation technology ensures clear and beautiful fonts and patterns, offering a high-quality user experience
Wide Compatibility: Compatible with most mechanical switches gaming keyboards, including Cherry, Gateron, Outemu, Kailh, fitting most 61/64/68/84/75/87/96/104/108 layouts.

Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Green Mechanical Switches Tactile & Clicky – Doubleshot ABS Keycaps – Command Dial – Programmable Macros – Chroma RGB – Magnetic Wrist Rest

Price :  $229.99

Green Mechanical Switches: Offers precise execution with tactile feedback and optimal pressure-response balance
Immersive Lighting: Per-key lighting and striking 3-side underglow when paired with the wrist rest, syncing with your setup for enhanced gaming immersion
Command Dial & Macro Keys: Programmable dial and 8 dedicated macro keys for customized functions and essential keybinds during gaming
Magnetic Plush Wrist Rest: Plush leatherette wrist rest with underglow lighting for secure support during long gaming sessions, featuring Razer Chroma RGB lighting
Doubleshot ABS Keycaps: Labelling never wears off due to doubleshot molding; extra-thick walls ensure durability for prolonged and repeated use
Multi-function Roller & Media Keys: Control playback, brightness, and volume conveniently with 4 media keys and a multifunction roller.

CORSAIR K70 CORE RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Palmrest – Pre-lubricated Corsair MLX Red Linear Keyswitches – Sound Dampening – Media Control Dial – iCUE Compatible – QWERTY NA Layout – Black

Price :  $79.99

Smooth CORSAIR Red Switches: Pre-lubricated linear switches offer responsive, smooth keystrokes, enhanced by dual sound-dampening layers for satisfying gaming and typing experiences
Versatile Media Control: Manage volume and more using a multi-function rotary dial and programmable media button, customizable through iCUE software
Durable Aluminum Top Plate: Provides stability and style with a robust aluminum top plate adding an extra layer of resilience
Resilient Double-Shot Keycaps: ABS double-shot keycaps are tough and resistant to cracking, ensuring durability under pressure
Magnetic Soft-Touch Palm Rest: Detachable soft-touch palm rest attaches magnetically, offering a comfortable spot to rest hands conveniently.

ZMX K98 Wired Mechanical Keyboard,95% Layout Hot Swappable RGB Gaming Keyboard Full Size 98 Keys Gasket Mount Custom Keyboard with Numpad ABS Keycaps Keyboard for Mac/Win (Galaxy Gray)

Price : $39.99

Compact 95% Layout Keyboard: Saves 15% desktop space, retains numeric keypad for enhanced productivity in work and gaming; prevents accidental key presses with a separate orientation area
Hot Swap Mechanical Keyboard: Equipped with hot-swappable PCB for solder-free switch replacement; compatible with Cherry MX, Kailh Gateron, and other 3-pin/5-pin switches; enables customization
Gasket Mount Keyboard: Utilizes gasket material between faceplate and keyboard shell for cushioning sensation, resulting in softer keying feel and reduced unwanted noise without compromising tactile feedback
Dynamic RGB Effects & Programming Software: Features stunning RGB backlighting with 18 driver-free lighting modes and music rhythm synchronization; programmable via software for macros, remapped keys, and customizable RGB lighting effects
Dual System Compatibility & Warranty: Compatible with Windows (11, 10, 8, 7, XP) and MAC OS; 12-month warranty and 24-hour response time for customer support from ZMX, committed to excellent service

CORSAIR K70 CORE CH-910971E-JP Linear RGB Red Axis Gaming Keyboard, Interchangeable Keycaps, Japanese Layout, Black

Price : $119.39

– CORSAIR K70 CORE CH-910971E-JP Gaming Keyboard
– Red Axis Linear RGB switches, Japanese Layout in Black
– Interchangeable Keycaps
– Multi-function Dial
– Aluminum Construction
– Customizable Backlight

Corsair K65 RGB Mini 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Keyswitches – Customizable Per-Key RGB Backlighting – Detachable USB Type-C Cable – QWERTY NA Layout – Black

Price : $59.99

K65 RGB MINI: Packs big features into a 60% form-factor for comfortable gaming in small spaces
Powered by CORSAIR AXON Hyper-Processing Technology: Transmits inputs up to 8x faster than standard keyboards with 8,000Hz hyper-polling
100% CHERRY MX RGB Brown Mechanical Keyswitches: Tactile mid-press bump, ideal for gamers and typists, lasting 100 million keystrokes and registering 4x faster with CORSAIR AXON
Personalized Play: Dynamic per-key RGB backlighting, optional radiant spacebar and CORSAIR logo key, and standard bottom row layout for custom keycap sets
PBT Double-Shot Keycaps: Precision-molded, wear-resistant, fade-resistant, 1.5mm thick for stability

CAXUSD 61-Key Keypad RGB Keyboard RGB Backlit Gaming Wired USB Keyboard RGB Backlight Keyboard Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Mini Mechanical Keyboard Mini Gaming Keyboard Office No Abs

Price : $37.59

Gaming Keyboard: Colorful backlight adds fun for home and office use
Backlit Keyboard: “Anti-ghosting” function ensures excellent performance and gaming experience
Compact Keyboard: Anti-ghosting feature enhances performance and gaming experience
Corded Keyboard: 61-key design makes it a mini, portable option for easy carrying
Black Keyboard: Saves desktop space and provides mobility in wider spaces

KONTONTY 61-Key Keypad Backlight Keyboard Wired USB Keyboard RGB Backlit Gaming Backlit Gaming Keyboard Mechanical RGB Keyboard Backlit Keyboard Electronic Keyboards Computer Office Abs

Price :  $38.39

RGB Backlight Keyboard: No driver installation required, offers convenience
RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard: Ergonomic design for comfortable wrist support, reducing wrist pressure
Backlit Keyboard: Full keys non-conflict design, perfect for gaming purposes
Mechanical Keyboard: Offers various backlight designs, delivering a cool appearance
Gaming Keyboard: Allows toggling on/off of streamer light and monochrome light at will

日本エイサー Predator Aethon 301 TKL Numeric Keypadless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Blue Axis Outemu Blue Switch 87 Keys English Array USB Connection Anti-Ghost PKB010

Price : $118.98

– Keyboard Type: Mechanical
– Manufacturer Warranty: 180 days
– Number of Keys: 87 keys (English)
– Switch Type: Outemu Blue Switch
– Connectivity/Material: Wired, USB 2.0, Aluminum + ABS
– Key Switch Durability: 50 million presses
– Keyboard Backlight: 7-color LED backlight with 8 preset types.

ASUS Gaming Keyboard ROG RX Optical Switch ROG Strix Scope II RX/RXRD/US/ABS Waterproof and Dustproof for Long Lasting Durability Domestic Authorized Dealer

Price : $175.34

ROG RX Optical Switch: Pre-lubricated RX red axis switch with central lighting, ensuring stable keystrokes and minimal debounce delay
IP57 Compliant: Waterproof and dustproof design for enhanced durability
HOT KEY: F1-F5 keys preset as hot keys for Xbox Game Bar and recording functions
Intuitive Operation: Multi-function buttons and 3-way knob for media playback, volume control, and keyboard adjustments
Noise Cancelling Foam: Integrated foam absorbs key operation and reverberation, reducing noise for a quieter experience

CORSAIR K70 CORE RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Palmrest – Pre-lubricated Corsair MLX Red Linear Keyswitches – Sound Dampening – Media Control Dial – iCUE Compatible – QWERTY NA Layout – Black

Price : $79.99

Enhanced Typing Experience: CORSAIR Red linear mechanical switches come pre-lubricated, providing smooth and responsive keystrokes. They are complemented by dual layers of sound dampening, ensuring an immensely satisfying experience for both gaming and typing.
Advanced Media Control: A multi-function rotary dial and programmable media button allow seamless control over volume and more. These features are customizable through iCUE, enhancing user convenience.
Durable Aluminum Top Plate: The keyboard boasts a robust aluminum top plate, adding stability and a touch of style to its design.
Resilient Keycaps: Made of tough ABS material, the double-shot keycaps ensure durability and resistance to cracking even under intense pressure.
Magnetic Detachable Palm Rest: Featuring a soft-touch surface, the palm rest attaches magnetically for added comfort while typing, providing an easily accessible spot to rest your hands.

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