7 Big Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Get Traffic To Your Website

Being a website owner is fun and the most interesting part of it is making blunders and learning from them. Many web developers make such a big mistakes that reduce their traffic and affect SEO ranking badly. It us just because whenever you start with something new and without much expertise and guidance, you end up making mistakes and over the time if you don’t learn from them, they start damaging your status.

Following points will help you in understanding what mistakes you are making which may lead to complete traffic disaster. They are in fact the “traffic killer sins” that you must avoid if you are focused in getting traffic to your websites.

Unresponsive and dead links:

They are passive links to your websites which don’t work at all. No matter how many times and by how many ways you try to open them, they don’t sail you to the destination where they claim to take you. They not only depict your non-serious behaviour but also bother your visitors. So, people may loose interest in your product as your website has made a bad impression.

Copied and low quality content:

Always select the quality content that gives perfect amusement as well as product information to your audience. A copied content completely demolishes your brand’s reputation as your site content is the actual element that drives maximum visitors to your website. Likewise if the content is not informative and doesn’t portray the complete picture of your products and services, your whole website structure may collapse. So, this mistake can devalue your website as well as your brand.

Overcrowded website:

Don’t add a lot of irrelevant and unnecessary stuff to your website as your visitors may feel difficulty in navigating to desired location. Don’t use such an unmatched, ambiguous and sophisticated color combination that users couldn’t find the stuff. You can watch the top rated website designs to see how website owners have maintained their websites. It will help you to make your website as friendly and simple as you can.

Spam, spam, spam!

It spoils the website’s ranking and acceptability with in no time. Whatever you plan to do in order to attract maximum traffic to your website, do not spam! It has many disadvantages but the most fatal one is to loose your web hosting account. It will be a tiresome endeavor to search a new web hosting company. So, it is not logical to spend your precious time on insignificant tasks.

Images, graphics, flash!!

Developing a flash based website is a not a sensible idea at all. It doesn’t add anything special to your website. Though it may increase the fascination of your website but a search engine can’t read it. It is thus a wise choice to use an HTML version for your flash based website. Graphics and images need a lot of time to load therefore most of the people skip them and won’t go beyond your welcome page if you are using flash.


They are something that really irritate the users. Some of them also complain to diminish them immediately as they intervene in their private navigation. Some websites have series of pop-ups, when you close one, another appears. This makes you to leave that website at once. They horribly irritate the users so it is a big blunder to use them. Don’t spend your time and money over the activities that are disturbing and irritating your audience.

These are some of common mistakes that one can possibly make in trying to generate website traffic. Learning about these traffic killer mistakes will help you to optimize your site in right way and can lead to revolutionary, dynamic and successful site.

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