7 important types of websites

A web developer listens to the needs and demands of a website owner and designs the whole layout of a website. But before he starts working on an entire programming, he must be informed that what kind of website a client is looking for. Only then he is able to work in a particularly technology. Depending on the nature of work they are dealing at, there are several types if websites. Few important types are listed and explained below. Each of them has unique characteristics providing different platforms for webmasters to work at.

 E-commerce Websites:

E-Commerce websites are of great value especially now a days when internet users are increasing day by day. They allow direct shopping making the process of sale and purchase easy and reliable for the product holder company as well as the buyers. You can order your choice promptly and the product is delivered to you without any delay. Such websites are in great demand as they multiply the profit many folds and increase the number of potential customers.

Search Engine Websites:

Yahoo.com, msn.com and Google.com etc are search engine websites. They provide a quick search of the queries entered by web users. An especially designed algorithmic system works behind that displays the best and nearest possible results. It is quite useful for students, teachers, professionals in various fields and even a web designer himself.

Management Websites:

They comprise the different data holding techniques. They are designed particularly for firms, offices, companies, schools, banks, hospitals and many other institutions where data management is not possible to be secured by any other mean. It is a kind of a database system that keeps the record of every single execution in the particular system. Unlike the ordinary management system based on paper work, data can be entered, processed, amended, retrieved and utilized in a comparatively simple and lenient way.


Forum based websites provide an area to develop mutual interaction among the web users. Most of the forums are related to a specific firm or organization. The customers assemble there and share their thoughts and experiences. The medical, banking, education and health related forums can gather the huge audience very briskly because people get answers for their questions from experts and clear their confusions regarding any issue.


This kind of website consists of a series of work done by a professional. Public can watch, express their views and record the feedback. These websites are designed for researchers, artists, photographers and media workers etc.

Mobile Websites:

The use of smart phones and tablets has surpassed the conventional computer systems and laptops. People prefer browsing via mobile phones instead of sitting before a big computer system. Websites that aren’t mobile friendly, are quite difficult to run over small screens. They acquire more time to open even a single page. But the sites designed particularly for mobile devices offer quick navigation. Such sites make the small businesses successful for they are visualized by the maximum users as compared to the standard website.

Personal Websites:

Personal websites provide an individual domain to any user. They are a bit similar to personal blogs. They work in a very simple way to bring people together. For example, a person creates a personal blog and it is followed by his friends and family members. Over there, they can discuss, share, collaborate and keep in contact with each other.

Knowing the types of websites available will help you recognize your web development need and requirements and select the one most appropriate to achieve your business goals.

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