How to change read more button text in Joomla 4

There are lots of occasions where you want to change the text of general “Read More” button in Joomla. In this article, I am going to show how you can accomplish this using Joomla 4 languages override feature.

To accomplish this, Open your Joomla Administrator Page and navigate to Extensions > Language Manager

joomla language overrides

Select Overrides as mentioned in the above screenshot.
Now click on New Button

creating new language override
Search for “Read more” text in the search box on the right

language key search


search result

Now change the “Read More…”i text to your custom text, here we’ve changed it to Continue Reading… and click on Save & Close.

updating read more text

Now please go ahead and test your site’s front-end, it shall show up now. In case you do not see the changes, please clear the cache and reload the site.

Second Method:

The second method is pretty much straight forward and it is, changing the language related text from the source location. If the override method is working fine for you then it is not recommended.

If you want to change the “Read more” text from source, login to your joomla hosting cpanel and then go to site root  —> language  —>  en-GB and open en-GB.com_content.ini configuration file. Here you can edit the text as shown in the screenshot below.

read more text at source

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