22 Best Digital Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs In 2022

Having the appropriate combination of software tools to handle data insights, content and digital marketing are crucial! Without the right ones, you won’t be able to design a plan which reaches target consumers and follow them through the user experience – providing you insights into customer experiences, personas, conversion rate optimisation and many other digital metrics important to remain ahead of competition.

By systematising redundant methods, gathering data to assess and improve campaigns, and helping you coordinate and plan marketing efforts, following digital marketing tools will become a beneficial corporate asset.

MAILCHIMP – Marketing Email Software

Mailchimp is a sophisticated, feature-rich, yet simple-to-use marketing platform. With its simple interface and new capabilities, it’s a great option for small firms who are just getting started with email marketing.

Typically, when customers sign up for a mailing list, they welcome you directly to their inbox, allowing you to sell freely. Consequently, email marketing has, on average, a greater return on investment than any other kind of such services. To initiate email marketing, you need a service that enables you to manage lists, collect emails, send emails automatically or on a schedule, and measure interaction.

There are other software applications that offer these services, but Mailchimp is great for startups and small businesses. This occurs till the list reaches 2,000 members; the solution is free and can supply the essential resources without making email marketing management complicated.

MOZ: Search Engine Optimization Tool

Using MOZ’s new link explorer, you can track how your business and competitors are mentioned on the Internet. This is a wonderful resource for discovering where your company receives fresh inbound connections. You can also monitor competitors and view the link’s source. Fresh Web Explorer is a fantastic search tool for all digital marketing teams, in addition to search engine optimization. It is superior to Google Alert. More information is available on the webpage you mentioned and linked to. MOZ has always been a high-quality search marketing management tool (especially SEO). From a private forum for members to the tool itself, the MOZ toolkit is suitable for both novices and experts.

BUFFER – Social Media Advertising Tool

It is fantastic for assisting clients who have never used a scheduling tool before, as it is both user-friendly and efficient.

Buffer offers a straightforward interface for designing, collaborating, and publishing content on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, among others. In addition to being able to provide updates, you can also respond to social discussions, dispel client suspicions, and facilitate business growth. You may create exceptional and engaging content for social media networks. Buffer enables you to take your social media marketing to the next level.

In addition, Buffer has continued to improve upon its basic qualities and has added tools like as Pablo to make it easier to generate original content within the network.

FUNCTION FOX – Task Management Tool

By facilitating cooperation and task management, Function Fox enables teams to complete projects faster. You can create tasks and assign them to members of a group. The project status is provided so that you and your team may monitor the progress of each job. Additionally, you can configure suitable project email alerts to keep you abreast of all recent developments.

There are numerous alternatives available for multitasking. On the same platform, your team can collaborate with many clients on multiple projects simultaneously. You may track project costs and view project-specific budget and financial limits. Maintaining a budget is crucial for all teams. If you have problems while using Function Fox, you will always have access to customer assistance. Do not be scared to ask for assistance. They are available when required.


Not only are all campaigns difficult to manage if you want to run many campaigns through multiple marketing channels, but you also need to know precisely what works and where you need to make improvements. HubSpot is a marketing software system that integrates different marketing channels to boost traffic, conversion rates, and ROI. The product includes landing page-optimized templates and features such as user engagement events and live chats that increase interaction and convert more visitors into buyers. HubSpot’s full edition is pricey, but entrepreneurs with modest budgets can begin with free or inexpensive tools.


If you want to publish blog content and require expert quotes, or if you want to establish your organisation as an authority and receive free publicity, use HARO. This digital marketing tool assists journalists in connecting with topic matter specialists. It acts as a journalist by writing your blog or as an expert by conducting media interviews for free. Online writing is all about “Hooks,” and headlines are the key to success. The free title analysis tool on CoSchedule can assist you in experimenting with titles and discovering amazing titles that attract the attention of readers.


Lemlist is distinctive among our email marketing platforms due to the platform’s primary emphasis on deliverability. Lemlist is fantastic for optimising your existing campaigns because it emphasises the optimum times to deliver your messages (and how frequently) to increase opens and clicks.

Instead of second-guessing your marketing efforts, lemlist can shed light on how to warm up your list.

Additional capabilities include personalisation tools to help your outreach emails sound less spammy and follow-up email sequences to encourage cold prospects to respond more frequently.

SEO (search engine optimization) tools

As the digital world gets more competitive, any action a business can take to boost its search visibility is advantageous. Although SEO can be intimidating, especially for startups, there are numerous online marketing tools available to assist you discover search prospects and optimise your existing search engine efforts.


What types of content do your opponents create? How is its search and social media performance? Which keywords are generating the most revenue?

SEO tool Ahrefs is my favourite of all. This tool’s large database helps me analyse and research and has great features as well. Some of the features are backlinks gap, competition analysis and keyword research. I’ve been using Ahrefs for 9 years and am a big admirer.

It enables you to do a technical SEO audit on your website to determine if there are any technical improvements you can make to it that will help you obtain better search results.

That’s just skimming the surface though – there are many additional tools supplied by Ahrefs that are meant to help you boost your search rankings.


SendGrid provides a comprehensive portfolio of email marketing services, many of which are user-friendly for both novices and seasoned email marketers.

For instance, the platform provides design flexibility via visual, drag-and-drop editing, coding, or a combination of the two. SendGrid also includes comprehensive deliverability and performance statistics, allowing marketers to determine which messages are performing well and which require improvement.

We are aware that there are too many email marketing tools to count. Nonetheless, SendGrid’s forever-free plan for new businesses and adjustable pricing that adapts to your needs as your list grows are significant advantages.


Clearscope has helped your team, especially the writers, a lot. If you’re interested in taking advantage of keyword opportunities while also optimising your existing content, then this tool is a gift for you.

In order to help you write (or rewrite) high-ranking blog content with a well-balanced structure, the platform includes a comprehensive editor.

When it comes to SEO, Clearscope gets you prepared, whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to freshen up an old blog.


SEMrush is another important SEO tool that gives you the ability to check the progress of your primary keywords and find new terms to rank for.

In addition to being helpful for creating content ideas and understanding search intent, the tool’s breakdown of keyword recommendations, difficulty, and variations is also beneficial.

Conversion optimization tools

The smallest adjustments can have the greatest impact when it comes to increasing the number of users who convert while they are on your site.

It may be possible to attract people who sign up for your free trial simply by altering the colour of the button that prompts them to do so. Conversion optimization software is one of the digital marketing tools at your disposal, and it can assist you in locating “low-hanging fruit” for the purpose of increasing sales.


Unbounce is a powerful platform that allows users to rapidly create, test, and publish new landing pages. Built-in A/B testing and variant analytics can inform you which creatives, calls-to-action, and other page elements are effective (and which aren’t) in driving conversions.

You don’t have to be a designer to use the tried-and-true landing page templates that Unbounce provides; you can simply use them as a starting point and then modify them to meet your specific requirements. You can see which landing page variations are performing the best thanks to the metrics provided by the platform.


Optimizely is an online platform that specialises in landing page testing. It combines a set of tools for visual design with tools for audience targeting, which enables users to rapidly conduct tests on various subsets of their audience.

A no-code platform that enables you to test both major and little modifications to your pages makes it possible to fine-tune the performance of your website without the need for a considerable amount of work on your part.

Exemplification of a test designed to maximise efficiency


The platform that Hotjar provides maintains a visual record of the activities and behaviours of your site visitors as they occur in real time.

Using heatmaps, which display where people are clicking (or not clicking) on a website. When synchronised to actual video recordings of your visitor’s journey, you can see at a glance what needs to be modified to improve the experience for future guests.

The click activity on a website can be visualised with a heatmap, such as the one provided by Hotjar.

Tools for Lead management

It is a well-established fact that the vast majority of people who use the internet will not provide adequate data once they have left your website.

You may make use of the business intelligence solutions that are currently accessible to assist you in conducting a more thorough analysis of your leads and highlighting the information that is necessary to get in touch with them once they have indicated an interest. Your efforts in prospecting and outbound marketing will be boosted by lead enrichment solutions since they provide a more thorough view of your traffic. These solutions are especially useful for business-to-business marketing.


Clearbit uses data from over one hundred different sources, including Salesforce and additional marketing platform data, to create an accurate profile of your prospects. This profile may then be used to make your outreach efforts more successful. The information obtained includes, to name a few examples: the company, the function, and the size of the enterprise.

Instead of manually searching for particular or relying on information that has become outdated, the platform automatically updates itself once every thirty days to guarantee that your data is always accurate. This not only helps you save time, but also gives you more confidence when prospecting.

screenshot from clearbit exhibiting warm lead data as well as industry


As is the case with Clearbit, Datanyze unearths essential contact information on your on-site leads, thereby assisting you in completing your digital rolodex. Due to the fact that it gathers social information about decision-makers, this technology is also quite useful for prospecting on LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn accounts of potential customers are mined by Datanyze for information on warm leads.

Tools for lead collection and landing page construction

Due to the fact that our attention spans are getting shorter, it is essential to make an effort to attract people after they have arrived at the location. The use of marketing solutions for lead capture helps to ensure that your website traffic is not wasted and that visitors are more likely to take the desired next step. When everything is carried out effectively, the end result will be a rise in the number of leads and conversions.


By showing individualised pop-ups, OptiMonk’s software gives companies the ability to attract the attention of customers and prevent them from leaving the website.

The behavior-based targeting offered by the platform makes it such that your pop-ups do not have to be disruptive. Instead, the platform places an emphasis on lead acquisition and messaging related to exit intent.

Users of OptiMonk, for instance, are given the ability to divide up their marketing messages and only deliver them at the appropriate times. Rather than approaching marketing efforts with a one-size-fits-all mentality, which is impossible with this platform, you will be able to create campaigns that speak to each and every one of your customers, from repeat buyers to first-time window shoppers.

The fact that OptiMonk is so well-known for how simple it is to use is one of the software’s many strengths. As a result of the abundance of templates that have been produced with documented average click-through rates, brands are able to alter their messaging based on pop-ups that have been demonstrated to be effective.

OptiMonk’s technology enables companies to build customised pop-ups for their websites.


Typeform is a simple option for marketers who want to produce forms that are minimalist in design while still being aesthetically appealing.

In contrast to other types of pop-ups, the intake forms offered by Typeform have a genuine sense of style and don’t come across as ads in any way. The platform includes helpful extras such as an easy-to-use editor and embedding options, as well as the capability to create quizzes and interactive forms.

A recent application for the creation of straightforward forms is called Typeform.


MailMunch is a hybrid tool for email marketing and landing page creation that helps you create your mailing list. It offers a wide variety of appealing form types as well as emails that you can send to prospects after they have opted in.

The platform enables you to divide your audience into several groups based on variables such as the number of times they make a purchase and the demographics of the consumers. In addition, its goal-based form builder is user-friendly and gives you a selection of templates from which to select.

MailMunch is a solution for landing page and email marketing that provides users with a variety of appealing form forms as well as emails to send to potential customers.

Graphics Designing Tools

Infographics. Memes. Illustrations and charts The list might go on forever.

The use of visuals is essential to successful social marketing as well as branding in general. Digital marketing tools such as Canva, which allow users to create photos that are captivating but do not require the services of a professional designer, have been increasingly popular in recent years.

However, in order to ensure that your ideas do not get stale, there are a few other graphic design techniques that should be considered.

Creatopy (formerly Bannersnack)

Creatopy is a visual design tool that is comparable to Canva, with the exception that it emphasises particular characteristics that are specific to marketers.

For instance, the platform’s design sets and brand kits make it possible for you to collaborate with other marketers while simultaneously maintaining the order of your brand creatives. This is particularly handy for businesses that manage multiple clients or social accounts.

Meanwhile, the capability to change the same design in numerous formats (for example, desktop banner versus mobile) with a single click saves a substantial amount of time for the user.

You and the rest of your team will be able to work together to create brand design kits and graphics when you use the Creatopy graphic design tool.


The Visme platform is utilised most frequently for the creation of data visualisations and presentations.

Infographics and newly gathered data are two of the types of content that are shared the most frequently on social media. Visme is an excellent tool for anyone who routinely publishes research on sites such as Twitter or LinkedIn because of this fact.

In addition to graphic design, the platform grants you access to data from a wide variety of sources, which simplifies the process of putting together presentations (for example, using spreadsheets).

A presentation or data visualisation can be crafted with the use of Visme’s graph designer, which can also be used to make presentations.


Another graphic design company that specialises in infographics is called Venngage. You have the ability to customise your infographics in any way you see fit by importing spreadsheets and selecting from hundreds of chart configurations. You are able to personalise each infographic to reflect your brand thanks to the dozens of built-in graphics that are available to choose from.

Graphic design software that can input spreadsheets and provide hundreds of different chart combinations is called Venngage.

You may improve the efficiency of your marketing campaigns while also automating a wide variety of tasks if you have the appropriate tools.

To construct an efficient digital marketing stack, you can use any of the technologies described in the previous paragraph. Don’t be scared to try new things and put them to the test in order to determine what will work best for your organisation and your finances.

Lastly, Consider

To succeed in the competitive digital marketing climate of today, you must be spontaneous, competent, and determined in social media. Most importantly, you must be the centre of all industries. You need a variety of digital marketing tools to save time and simplify your business.

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