Benefits of Ecommerce websites

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Today we are living in E­Commerce generation. There are huge number of forums that provide online shopping facilities to internet users. Specially designed websites are working for promotion of different products and services. These websites are build by focusing the shopping requirements of people as well as the industrial demands. They provide them with the apt information about the products so that they may stop and shop without any difficulty.

Advantages of having good customer service.

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Now a days, in national or international markets and in any kind of businesses, customer services have become the basic requirement. They are the key to successful entrepreneurship. Yet in many spheres of businesses, the owners don’t know how much beneficial are the good customer services. They have no idea about what customers demand and what hopes they have with the brand. (more…)

7 important types of websites

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A web developer listens to the needs and demands of a website owner and designs the whole layout of a website. But before he starts working on an entire programming, he must be informed that what kind of website a client is looking for. Only then he is able to work in a particularly technology. Depending on the nature of work they are dealing at, there are several types if websites. Few important types are listed and explained below. Each of them has unique characteristics providing different platforms for webmasters to work at. (more…)

Sending Email in an ADF XML format to ELEAD CRM.

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In the automotive field, ADF XML is considered as the standard data delivery format. In this process, emails are sent in a definitive xml pattern to the CRMs. On the CRMs side, like ELEAD etc, there is a qualified programming code to extract the information from this XML. In this tutorial, I am going to show you what is this ADF Format likely about, how we can send an email in this format using PHP, how it is collected by a popular CRM, ELEAD and I will also tell you that how can you implement the same functionality in joomla. (more…)

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