Top 15 WordPress Social Login Plugins

As WordPress is an open source platform, there are an infinite number of plugins available to enhance your website’s appeal, uniqueness, and usability. Nowadays, wordpress social login plugin is the most requested feature for two reasons:

  • It enables a more advanced method of website registration.
  • It also adds a slew of additional features to the website.
  • It significantly reduces the requirement for a second password.

There are numerous plugins available, however we’re going to explore the 15 top WordPress Social Login Plugins that developers and social media specialists alike recommend.

Social Login

As implied by the name, this plugin’s implementation is likewise extremely straightforward. Social login will provide you with the necessary start, as it is the simplest of the options and is completely free. Additionally, no additional configuration is required to install this plugin on your website. Additionally, it is completely compatible with BuddyPress. Additional advantages include the following:

  • The plugin is compatible with 30 social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter,  and Instagram.
  • The user can access his WordPress account on your website via any of the specified networks.
  • There are numerous locations on your blog/website where you can include a social login plugin via a short code – login page, registration page, blog comments section, and so on.

Social Sharing by miniOrange

MiniOrange’s Social Sharing plugin offers more than simply add a social login option to your WordPress website. There is a complimentary function that enables you to easily implement social sharing options on your website. To be precise, you’re obtaining a combo that enables two distinct categories of users to connect with your content: subscribers and a random visitor who want to share your piece on his social profile.

  • Choose from a number of styles for your login button.
  • Create a single sign-on to assist users in sharing on their preferred network.

Premium Social Login

This is a paid social login from LoginRadius, a company that is well-known for providing social sharing functionality to its global clients. It’s more than a social login application. The plugin functions in two ways:

  • The user will register on your website and receive a rapid login.
  • For your email marketing service, you’ll receive snapshots of users’ profiles.

Thus, Premium Social Login functions similarly to Salesforce and Madmimi.

UserPro Social Login

UserPro Social Login is a premium social login plugin that enables users to sign up for or log into your WordPress site directly from their social media accounts. And it’s all done in a few of clicks.

  • UserPro can also serve as a community plugin, allowing you to assign badges, awards, and more on your website.
  • bbPress, BuddyPress, and WooCommerce are all compatible with the social login plugin.
  • It integrates seamlessly with Aweber and MailChimp, among others.
  • It has a function that allows you to convert your WordPress website into a community network.
  • Forms for login and registration that can be customised
  • Connecting and integrating socially
  • Select the fields that display during registration.

Our Choice for The Best Social Login Plugin for WordPress Websites is UserPro Social Login. This is due to its extensive features.

Miled Social Login

This wordpress social login plugin enables you to quickly integrate social login functionality into your website. As the name implies, this is a no-frills plugin that delivers on its promises. The following are some of the plugin’s most notable features and benefits:

  • The plugin provides the fundamental capability of adding sign-up and login buttons to your website.
  • One of the most valuable features is the ability to generate leads and prospects. This plugin enables users to import contact lists from Facebook, Google, Windows Live, and LinkedIn.
  • Customizable and easily integrated

AccessPress Social Login

AccessPress Social Login is a simple-to-use plugin that enables you to rapidly set up social login for your website. The plugin enables you to invite your audience and visitors from Google+, Twitter, and Facebook to sign up for your WordPress site or log in. Here’s one more:

  • You can customize options and choose one particular network from where your users can sign up or login to your website.
  • You can choose from four attractive buttons to entice your audience

If you opt for premium version, it lets you explore more features:

  • You can expand your reach to more networks,
  • Choose from 15 different themes,
  • It supports WooCommerce, BuddyPress and other networks.

WooCommerce Social Login

The WooCommerce Social Login plugin enables one-click registration for your visitors, which can significantly enhance your sales and customer base. It’s been optimised for WooCommerce sites. This plugin effectively targets just those users who wish to become subscribers or clients. If you have a Woocommerce-based ecommerce store, you should definitely install this plugin as well!

  • The plugin supports many networks, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Windows Live, VKontakte (, Instagram, PayPal and Amazon.
  • Users can sign up for your site under a minute or so – with just a few clicks.
  • It also offers short code, allowing you to display social login anywhere on your website.

YITH WooCommerce Social Login

YITH WooCommerce Social Login is a WooCommerce-specific plugin. On your WooCommerce site, you can enable social login.

Additionally, if your consumers like to register as members on your site, they can do so via Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. Once they’ve enabled social login, the login form will be automatically added to the Checkout, My Account, and WordPress login pages. It enhances the user experience for customers and makes your ecommerce store significantly more user friendly.

Super Socializer

If you’re looking for a free plugin, Super Socializer is your best bet, as it supports more social networks than any other free application. Another reason to choose this wordpress social login plugin is that it doubles as a social sharing plugin.

It features extensive customization options, ranging from icons to size, background, and shapes. You can design a theme specifically for each social network. To discover more about this plugin, continue reading below:”

  • The plugin displays the share count for all big social networks
  • It supports 100 networks
  • Anytime, you can enable or disable sharing of custom posts and specific posts
  • Your users can login from any social network it supports.
  • The plugin is available in different languages, such as English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese and Russian etc.

SocialAll – Social Login

SocialAll is one of the simplest tools for integrating social login functionality into your WordPress website. The plugin requires installation and configuration of a few settings specific to your site. However, you may simply configure it with a few clicks and begin using it.

  • The plugin comes with a shortcode that you can use almost anywhere on your website – login page, comment box, register page and elsewhere.
  • SocialAll is a paid plugin, charges $10/month, but you can enjoy all the features for free in the first month.

Stitchz Social Login

Use of Stitchz Social Login is completely free. It enables users to register for your WordPress site using a variety of social media platforms. Additionally, customers can log in using their social network profiles.

  • Stitchz has a broad reach – it covers 22 networks, which is a significant advantage considering it’s free.
  • It features a straightforward user interface that enhances the user experience and account administration.
  • It provides the highest level of security possible, as it is securely encrypted.

Wurlie Social Login Plugin

Wurlie Social Login Plugin is a premium tool that costs $49. It enables users to create or access their WordPress accounts via seven social media platforms, including Facebook, Google, AOL, Foursquare, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Here are some controls you can get:

  • You can enable or disable it globally
  • You can enable or disable individual login of any member
  • You’ll get API details of each social network, along with complete information of generating API key.

Jainrain Social Login

This particular social login plugin enables users from 30 different social networks to connect to and register on your WordPress site. The plugin enables them to connect from their separate social profiles and share content from your website across different social media platforms. There is additional information below:

  • Jainrain features a customizable interface, allowing you to choose the colour, shape, size, and font, among other things.
  • You can enable an optional feature that registers a non-member immediately when he or she shares material from your site.


We’ve compiled a list of the finest WordPress Social Login Plugins, ranging from the most basic to the most complicated.

  • If you’ve previously used free plugins, you should probably upgrade to the paid version to gain access to more features.
  • You can broaden your reach across several networks or bolster your presence on certain platforms – we’ve included plugins for both.
  • Alternatively, you can go for the simplest and most free plugins and immediately begin collecting subscribers/customers on your WordPress site.

Please leave any questions or comments below, and don’t forget to rate this post about WordPress Social Login plugins using the star rating widget. Your feedback is critical to us, since it enables us to continuously improve.

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