The role of link building in SEO

Page links have always been a critical ranking factor for search engines. In the web crawler’s perspective, links form the path between pages, therefore links give a notion of a page’s popularity and authenticity. Although SEO is not all about link building, an important part of most search engine algorithms give consideration for link based factors.

Google has done several updates to its page ranking algorithms in the past couple of years, one of which specifically targets towards link building. When Google evolves its search engine algorithm, your link building strategy too should evolve. In 2014, that would be your biggest SEO challenge.

Search engine ranking is expected give preference to those content with backlinks on social media such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. Pages that get retweeted or shared frequently means that their content is useful, popular and relevant, therefore readers would want to share them on their own websites as well.

There’s the argument that to respond to Google’s Penguin update’s scrutiny, one should avoid link building. According to Mat Cutts from Google, this is not correct:

“Links are still the best way that we’ve found to discover (how relevant or important somebody is) and maybe, over time, social or authorship or other types of markup will give us a lot more information about that.”

SEO experts have recommended 2 methods for effective link building:

  • Build links to pages with relevant content, where the users will have a genuine interest.
  • Quality should be given priority over quantity. That means, a few links from highly trusted and popular websites will give you more search visibility, rather than a lot of links from low quality websites.

Tiered link building too will continue to dominate page ranking in 2014, unless Google make a whole new change to its ranking algorithms. Following are some general mistakes SEO marketers make in tiered link building and its best to avoid those, to make your link building successful.

  • Poorly spun content
  • Improperly maintained target site list.
  • Focusing only on tiered link building – it’s recommended by SEO experts that tiered link building should be practiced in conjunction with other link building practices.

This is a small overview of how important link building is in 2014, in order to get your websites ranked higher for Google SERP and for any other search engines. It would be a real challenge for SEO marketers to implement strategies for effective link building for their websites.


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