Audio sharing websites list [updated 2023]

Online audio sharing websites are platforms that enable users to share and listen to various audio content types. These websites encompass music streaming, podcasting, sound effects, audiobook, and audio collaboration platforms. The growing interest in audio-based content and the digital age has resulted in a surge in the popularity of audio sharing websites. These platforms provide a convenient and accessible means for users to access and share their preferred audio content from anywhere globally. Consequently, they facilitate discovering and enjoying new audio entertainment forms.

Highlight the popularity and usefulness of audio sharing websites

Audio sharing websites have become incredibly popular in recent years due to their usefulness and convenience. These websites offer users a variety of benefits, including:

Accessibility: Audio sharing websites make accessing and sharing audio content worldwide easier than ever. These platforms have made audio more accessible and inclusive.

Diversity: These websites offer a diverse range of audio content, from music and podcasts to sound effects and audiobooks, making it easier for users to discover new forms of audio entertainment.

Convenience: These services offer universal access through computers and mobile devices, diverse audio content such as music, podcasts, sound effects, and audiobooks, and 24/7 accessibility to favourite audio files.

Cost-effective: Audio sharing services make music, podcasts, and audiobooks affordable. Many platforms offer free or low-cost audio content, eliminating the need for expensive physical media.

Collaborative: Audio collaboration websites allow users to collaborate with other musicians and artists, making it easier to create and share audio content with others.

This article has a long list of websites for sharing audio to meet the different needs of users. It includes platforms for streaming music, hosting podcasts, sound effect libraries, audiobook platforms, and websites for working together on audio. By doing this, readers can find new and exciting audio entertainment while taking advantage of the many benefits of audio sharing services.

Overall, audio sharing services have changed the way we listen to and make audio content because they are easy to use and easy to get to. Audio-sharing services will remain vital to the entertainment and education industries as technology advances.

Popular Music Streaming Websites

Music streaming services have become increasingly popular, attracting new providers. Popular music streaming sites include:

Spotify: Its music, podcasts, and playlists are substantial. Spotify dominates music streaming with 345 million active users in 170 countries. The platform offers free, ad-supported and paid versions with offline listening and no ads.

Apple Music: Apple Inc.’s music streaming platform has over 70 million songs and original content. Apple Music attracts music lovers with a 3-month free trial and multiple subscription plans.

Tidal: This high-fidelity music streaming platform has exclusive videos and livestreams and high-quality sound. With over 70 million songs, Tidal offers a free trial and multiple subscription plans to suit different tastes.

Amazon Music Unlimited: This streaming service offers 70 million songs, exclusive content, playlists, and stations. Amazon’s customers like Amazon Music because of its free trial and discounted Prime membership.

YouTube Music: Official songs, albums, playlists, live performances, remixes, and personalised recommendations are available on this platform. YouTube Music is popular among music fans worldwide due to its free, ad-supported version and paid version with extra features.

In conclusion, these music streaming services offer many ways to listen to music, podcasts, and other audio content. Music streaming services have become essential to the music industry and how people consume and enjoy music due to their on-demand streaming and affordable subscription plans.

Popular Podcast Platforms

Podcasts attract a wide audience. Popular podcast platforms include:

Apple Podcasts—pre-installed on all Apple devices, this free platform offers millions of podcasts, including exclusive content. Windows users can also download it. It provides personalised recommendations and simple features.

Google podcasts Google Podcasts offers millions of podcasts, personalised recommendations, and offline listening for free on Android, iOS, and the web. Searching and subscribing to shows is easy on the platform.

Spotify – In addition to music, Spotify has millions of podcasts, including exclusive content. Offline listening and personalised recommendations are available on all major platforms.

Stitcher – Stitcher offers exclusive and original podcasts. Stitcher offers offline and personalised recommendations on all major platforms.

These popular podcast platforms offer millions of podcasts for listeners to choose from. Easy-to-use platforms offer personalised recommendations and offline listening. Podcasts have revolutionised audio content consumption in the entertainment industry.

Popular Sound Effects Websites

There are several popular websites that provide sound effects, including

Freesound. This website has a vast collection of over 400,000 sounds, ranging from music and nature sounds to sound effects from movies and video games.

Freesound is licensed under Creative Commons and is driven by a community of users.

SoundBible: SoundBible provides users with thousands of free animal, human, and household sounds, and also allows users to request sounds to add to their library. SoundBible offers both public domain and attribution licenses for their sound effects.

ZapSplat: It has over 100,000 sound effects and royalty-free music tracks, with new additions every week. The website has a user-friendly interface and advanced search functionality to help users find the right sound. ZapSplat offers commercial and non-commercial licenses.

AudioJungle: AudioJungle has a vast collection of over 700,000 sound effects and royalty-free music tracks, with both standard and extended commercial licenses available. AudioJungle also has a search function that helps users find the perfect sound effect or music track for their project.

Popular Audiobook Platforms


Audible is the leading audiobook service for a reason. It has the most audiobooks, including bestsellers and exclusives. Audible offers Gold, Platinum, and Audible Plus memberships. The Gold and Platinum subscriptions offer one credit each month for any audiobook, regardless of price. Audible Plus provides limitless audiobooks, podcasts, and originals.


Scribd, a monthly subscription service for audiobooks, eBooks, and periodicals, is great. It offers limitless access to bestsellers, classics, and indie publications. Scribd lets you smoothly transition between audiobooks and eBooks, which is perfect for dual-format fans.’s backing of local retailers makes it a great audiobook service. Your monthly subscription supports your favourite neighbourhood bookstore. has bestselling, new, and indie audiobooks.

Another wonderful audiobook membership service is It offers bestsellers, new releases, and exclusives.’s VIP Rewards programme gives you points for every audiobook you buy. These points can be used for discounts.


Hoopla is a unique audiobook service. Hoopla offers free audiobooks, eBooks, comics, and movies with a library card. Public libraries provide free access to Hoopla’s collection. Hoopla lets you borrow 8 titles each month without late fees.

Popular Audio Collaboration Websites

Here are some of the most popular audio collaboration websites:

Splice – A platform that offers access to a vast library of samples, presets, and plugins, with new content added weekly. It also features a cloud-based digital audio workstation (DAW) that allows for collaborative music production and real-time collaboration.

Soundtrap – A cloud-based platform that allows for collaborative music production, podcast creation, and audio recording. It features a user-friendly interface, a range of virtual instruments and effects, and real-time collaboration.

BandLab – A social music creation platform that offers a range of tools for music production, including a cloud-based DAW, a library of samples and virtual instruments, and real-time collaboration. It also features a social network for musicians, with the ability to share music and collaborate with other users.

Ohm Studio – A cloud-based DAW that allows for real-time collaborative music production, with a range of virtual instruments and effects, and integrated project management tools. It also features a user-friendly interface, and compatibility with a range of devices and operating systems.

Here are some FAQs related to audio sharing websites:

What are some of the best audio sharing websites for discovering new music?

Some popular audio sharing websites for discovering new music include Spotify, Pandora, and SoundCloud. Each platform offers personalized recommendations based on your listening habits and allows you to explore new artists and genres.

Can I upload my own music to audio sharing websites?

Yes, many audio sharing websites allow you to upload your own music, including SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and ReverbNation. Be sure to check each platform’s terms of use and copyright policies before uploading.

What are the benefits of using a paid subscription for audio sharing websites?

Paid subscriptions to audio sharing websites often offer benefits such as ad-free listening, high-quality audio, and exclusive content. Examples of platforms with paid subscriptions include Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.

Are there any audio sharing websites that offer high-quality lossless audio?

Yes, some audio sharing websites offer high-quality lossless audio for a premium price. Examples of platforms that offer lossless audio include Tidal and Deezer.

How can I find niche or independent artists on audio sharing websites?

Many audio sharing websites allow you to explore niche or independent artists, such as Bandcamp and ReverbNation. You can also use platforms like SoundCloud and Spotify to discover new artists through curated playlists and personalized recommendations.

Are there any audio sharing websites that offer exclusive content or early access to music releases?

Yes, some audio sharing websites offer exclusive content or early access to music releases. Examples of platforms with exclusive content include Tidal and Apple Music.

Can I listen to audio sharing websites without an internet connection?

Some audio sharing websites allow you to listen to content offline. For example, Spotify and Apple Music both offer offline listening options for premium subscribers.

Are there any audio sharing websites that offer social networking features for musicians?

Yes, some audio sharing websites offer social networking features for musicians. For example, BandLab is a platform that offers social networking features for musicians, including the ability to collaborate on projects and share music.

How can I ensure the audio quality is good on audio sharing websites?

To ensure good audio quality on audio sharing websites, make sure you have a stable internet connection and use high-quality headphones or speakers. Some platforms also offer higher quality audio options for premium subscribers.

Are there any audio sharing websites that allow me to create and share playlists with others?

Yes, many audio sharing websites allow you to create and share playlists with others. Examples of platforms that offer playlist sharing include Spotify and Apple Music.

Some important points to consider before posting to audio sharing websites

Copyright infringement

There are numerous considerations to make when using music-sharing websites. Understanding each platform’s terms of service and copyright legislation is essential for preventing copyright violations. This requires a certain amount of caution and concentration.

Audio quality

Moreover, the audio quality should be considered because it differs from platform to platform. Some may charge more for audio of higher quality, while others may provide music of lower quality for free. This asks for a critical eye and the readiness to examine the various possibilities side by side.


Price is also an important thing to think about, since many platforms for sharing audio offer both free and paid subscription options.Before selecting a platform, it is essential to evaluate its features and expenses. This requires a certain level of research and comparative shopping.

Platform compatibility

Some websites for sharing audio may work best on certain hardware or operating systems. This makes platform compatibility very important.When you sign up, you need to make sure that the platform works with the device you want to use.Focus closely on the technical components of this.

Music discovery

A further consideration is music discovery, as many audio-sharing sites offer curated playlists and personalised recommendations to assist users in discovering new music. While choosing an audio sharing website, it is essential to consider the music discovery capabilities of each platform. This requires a desire to explore and master new musical genres.

User interface

A website’s user interface can also be different, with some being more simple and easy to use than others.It is essential to evaluate each platform’s user interface to determine which you prefer. To do this, one must be willing to experiment with numerous interfaces.

Social networking

Some audio-sharing systems offer social networking features, such as the ability to share and follow information and people. If social networking is important to you, you should consider this characteristic while choosing an audio-sharing service. This requires a certain degree of social awareness and connection-seeking.

Offline listening

An additional feature to consider is offline listening, as some audio-sharing services offer content downloads for offline listening. When selecting an audio-sharing website, make sure to take this option into account if you frequently listen to music or podcasts in regions without an internet connection. This requires a practical awareness of listening preferences.

Content restrictions

Depending on a user’s location or other factors, access to certain audio-sharing websites’ content may be restricted. Before registering for a platform, be certain to review any content restrictions. This requires a level of self-awareness regarding preferences and desires.


Some services for sharing audio can be linked to other platforms or apps, like social media or tools for making music. If you frequently use other applications or platforms, check to see if the audio-sharing website you’re considering has any relevant integrations. This requires a significant level of technical knowledge and familiarity with other tools.

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