18 Most Popular jQuery Datepicker and Calendar Plugins

The use of datepickers and calendars on websites has become quite common in recent years. Building them from scratch, on the other hand, takes a long time because you must first design them in Adobe Photoshop or another web design software, such as Adobe Fireworks or Adobe Illustrator. Then you must concentrate on the coding portion. However, not all developers have unlimited time, which is where jQuery plugins come in handy. And today, I’m going to show you the 18 Most Popular jQuery Datepicker and Calendar Plugins that you can use on your site, either in a contact form (if necessary) or to inform people about upcoming events.

1: Date Picker

A Datepicker or Calendar should be something that can be customised based on the user’s preferences. And the jQuery Datepicker plugin is one that is simple to set up in order to add datepicker functionality to websites. You can customise many aspects of this plugin, including the language, date format, animation effect, display month and year menus, show the week of the year, and restrict the selectable date ranges and populate alternate fields.

Additionally, you can also prefer to opt for its default style, where the calendar opens while in overlay ‘onFocus’ and gets closed automatically ‘onBlur’ or when a user selects his preferred date.

2: Date Range Picker

The Date Range Picker is a simple yet effective calendar plugin that can be easily integrated into a website. To integrate this plugin into a website, however, jQuery and jQuery UI Datepicker, as well as the jQuery UI CSS Framework and one additional custom CSS file, are required. Furthermore, it comes pre-integrated with the date.js library, allowing for simple preset development.

After installing and activating this plugin on a website, users can select a date from a variety of date ranges, including today, the last 7 days, month to date, year to date, the previous month, a specific date, all dates before, all dates after, and date range (where the users get to choose a start and an end date.

3: Date Picker – jQuery Plugin

If you are looking for a light-weight datepicker or calendar jQuery plugin, then you should really opt for the Date Picker jQuery plugin, as it only weighs 55kb and includes the jQuery, JavaScript, and CSS files, along with the images and instructions on how to use it. You can easily customise its overall appearance and enhance its functionality by customising its CSS according to your needs.

In addition to all this, it offers a wide range of features, listed below, that make it different from others and encourage users to use it on their websites.


  • Allows users to pick the dates in a variety of options, which include; single date, multiple or range dates.
  • Dates can also be marked as special, weekends, events.
  • Customizable CSS empowers the user with a capability to tweak it.
  • Months and Days can be set in local language.
  • You can set a custom day to start the week.
  • It gets fit into any viewport size.

4: MultiDatesPicker

The MultiDatesPicker is a small plugin, or extension, that adds great functionality to the existing jQuery UI Datepicker plugin and allows users to select multiple dates. Once it is integrated with the datepicker plugin, people can select date ranges and pick multiple datesery UI Datepicker plugin and allows users to select multiple dates. Once it is integrated with the datepicker plugin, people can select date ranges and pick multiple dates. It is up to you, however, to limit the number of dates a user can select. In addition, you can mark the dates that are unavailable on the calendar.

  1. You can select multiple dates by clicking on them or by using keyboard shortcuts.
  2. By clicking the first date while holding down the Shift key and then clicking the last date, users can select a range of dates.
  3. Users can choose from several date picker options, including inline, multiple months, and date range picker.
  4. Users can customise the date format that appears in the calendar.
  5. Users can choose to show navigation buttons for the month and year, which makes it easy to switch between months and years.
  6. Customizable date picker button: Users can choose whether to display a date picker button that, when clicked, opens the calendar.
  7. Users can change the appearance and feel of the date picker by modifying the CSS.
  8. Localization support: The plugin can be translated into a number of different languages because it has localization features.
  9. APIs: The plugin includes several APIs that allow users to interact with the date picker programmatically.

5: oCalendar-jQuery Event Calendar

Do you want to publicise your upcoming event on your own or on your client’s website to ensure that more and more people will attend it? Just try this oCalendar—a jQuery-based event calendar that comes straight from the hands of the CodeCanyon team. You can buy this plugin’s regular licence for just $10. With this plugin, you can add new events, delete the old ones, or edit the existing ones on the client side. Some of its primary features include;

  • Easy integration
  • You can also play with its size to make it resizable.
  • Users can also search for events.
  • It comes in 10 different themes.
  • Its language can also be changed.
  • Client side addition, deletion, and editing of event is possible.
  • It offers database support using json.
  • The calendar has a responsive design that adjusts to different screen sizes.
  • In terms of event management, users can add, edit, and delete events directly from the calendar.
  • Users can categorise events and display them in different colours, such as “holiday,” “birthday,” or “meeting.”
  • Users can customise the event colours, which is a customizable event feature.
  • Event information that can be changed: Users can show more information about the events, like the name, start and end times, location, and description.
  • The calendar’s layout is editable, with users being able to choose the number of months to display, the first day of the week, and the number of weeks to display.
  • Users can filter events by category and/or date range.

6: glDatePicker

glDatePicker is one of the most dynamic, powerful, easy to customize, and ultra-lightweight date pickers for jQuery. When it is in a compressed state, its size stays at 7Kb, and in an uncompressed state, its size only goes up to 25Kb. The UI interface of the glDatePicker calendar looks astonishing. As far as its features are concerned, you really get plenty of them, of which some are listed below.


  • Its users can set their own style to current, selected, special dates and individual days of the week.
  • Data can also be set to the selected dates.
  • Individual styles can also be set per date picker on a same page.
  • The month and days of week names can also be customized according to preferences.

7: jQuery.minical

The jQuery.minical datepicker plugin is the second name for ‘super lightweight,’ as it is only 4KB in size. It was created with modern day needs in mind, such as page load speed, in mind, and because it is super lightweight, it does not act as an impediment to achieving super fast page loading speed. Furthermore, it provides full keyboard support, which means that the user can open and select dates using the keyboard. For example, you can open or close the calendar by pressing the Enter key.

8: jQueryMobile DateBox

In today’s world, having a mobile site is a must if you want to target smartphone users and increase your sales. That’s where the jQuery Mobile DateBox comes in. It’s a powerful and user-friendly jQuery-based date and time picker plugin designed for websites that use jQuery Mobile, a touch-optimized web framework for smartphones and tablets. It has six different data entry modes: Android style date picker, Slide date picker, 12 and 24 hour time pickers, Flip wheel style date picker, Duration time picker, and Calendar style date picker.

Apart from this, the month and day names can also be changed to local language along with all its labels and buttons.

9: Bootstrap Datepicker

Do you make responsive websites with Bootstrap? If so, you won’t need to look any further for datepicker and calendar plugins, as Bootstrap includes a dedicated Bootstrap Datepicker. With this user-friendly plugin, you can provide a calendar to your website visitors in a variety of styles, including year viewMode, month viewMode, and multiple date selection mode, where a user can select the start date and the end date. The best thing about this plugin is that it has been in continuous development since its inception, which keeps it bug-free and up to date.

10: Awesome Date-picker Mootools

Whether you are an expert in XHTML, CSS, or JavaScript, you do not need to be an expert to use this fascinating datepicker plugin on your website. It includes some of the most advanced features you’ll ever find in a datepicker plugin. And, to ensure that no user has any problems installing it on his or her own or a client’s website, it comes with a dedicated installation and usage guide that explains everything you need to know about it. You can integrate the calendar into three different UI formats with this plugin to provide a better user experience for your website visitors.

11: Teamup Calendar

The Teamup Calendar is one of the most fashionable calendars available today. In fact, you can use it to quickly and easily create your own calendar. You can use it to plan or keep track of anything that has a time and date associated with it. You can also create a shared group calendar with improved and scalable access control. Furthermore, it allows you to export all of your events to Google/Outlook/.ics. In terms of localization, in addition to English, it also supports the German language.

You can even add and edit events and your team members can view or add them to their personal calendar. You can color code events as per priority or you can assign flexible sharing controls to the team members. The calendar comes in 7 different views and you can customize its look and feel.

12: FullCalendar

jQuery The Full calendar is a jQuery and AJAX based plugin that can allow you to create a full drag and drop event calendar. The user can add an event and display it on the calendar with a simple drag and drop. Similarly, they can edit the date and event duration by simple drag and drop in the calendar itself. The plugin uses AJAX to fetch event data in real time, so you can assign multiple users to the same calendar.

The calendar has three different views, such as month view, week view, and daily view, and you can fine tune the duration and exact time of any event using these views. Over all, it is one of the most user-friendly calendar tools available on the internet, and the best part about this tool is that it can very easily pick up event feeds from your Google Calendar.

13: jQuery Calendar Widget Plugin

If you are looking for an extremely light date picking plugins, then you don’t have to look anymore. The jQuery Calendar Widget Plugin is an extremely light jQuery plugin that can allow you to display a month-wise calendar. You can customize the plugin to display any given month of the year or any specified month of a specified year. The code is not more than 100 lines and thus is as basic as it gets. You can customize the code fully as it comes with detailed documentation. Not that documentation is required with a 100-line code.

14: Zebra_Datepicker

It is a very small, compact, lightweight, highly configurable date picker plugin made using jQuery. It can be easily used to integrate a datepicker functionality into web-based forms. Once this plugin is integrated into a form, it displays a short calendar icon beside the input field it is used for. It weighs only 21Kb, which makes it more convenient to integrate it as it doesn’t affect the web page loading speed of a website. The main USP of the Zebra Datepicker is its intuitive interface. Moreover, it’s a cross-browser compatible plugin.

Apart from this, it also empowers you with the capability to customize it to any extent you want. However, for that, you should have expertise in CSS.

15: jQuery Datepicker

Do you want to integrate a datepicker functionality into your web-based forms? If yes, then you can easily go with this awesome and popular jQuery Datepicker plugin. It works as a pop-up calendar that gets placed as an icon beside the input field. However, it can also be integrated as an inline calendar to provide users with the ability to select individual dates or date ranges. In addition to this, you can also convert this plugin into your local language, as it comes with all the necessary localization packages. But that should only be installed after the datepicker code has been integrated into a website.

16: Multiday Calendar Datepicker JQuery Plugin

If you have a website where you need to highlight some event dates or have a contact form where you want your users to select a date to get a call back from your sales or support team, then you can opt for a Multiday Calendar Datepicker jQuery plugin. With this plugin, you can offer your users to pick multiple dates and even months in advance. With it, a user can easily select up to 12 days in one click. In addition to this, to make its interface intuitive and more appealing, it offers an animated style for datepicking.

17: Simple Events Calendar

As the name suggests, it is only a simple event calendar, with some useful addition features, but the person who has to code such a calendar knows how hard they are to come by. Based on jQuery, the Simple Events Calendar is a highly customizable, unobtrusive calendar that can be used to efficiently highlight event dates. You can add or edit events in the calendar and change the way that the calendar displays the dates and the events. In addition, this plugin allows you to disable the date picker, customize the hour format, or can be extended by customizing the coding of the plugin itself. The plugin also has support for multiple languages and can be used to create calendars in multiple languages.

18: Pickadate.js

Pickadate.js is a mobile-friendly and responsive jQuery date picker tool that is both light and attractive. The plugin is equipped with customizable drop selectors, date formats, time intervals, time formats, and many more features. In addition, it comes with a very detailed feature guide that can be used to understand and customize each and every feature of the plugins. The plugins are built using LESS based style sheets and are built upon a GRUNT based built system. In addition, the tool supports jQuery 1.7 and above, and can be easily extended to include additional features that you may want to include. This is possible because the tools use BEM style class naming in their coding.

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