47 Sites With Free Public Domain Images For Commercial Use

It is extremely difficult to find a good free image. Majority of the images on the internet are extremely common and have been used a thousand times before. If you use royalty-free image sites such as iStockphoto or Shutterstock, your path is very clear. Purchase the rights and use the image without regard for attribution or permission.

However, if you’re looking for a free image for commercial or non-commercial use, it can be difficult to find a good one and even more difficult to understand the image usage rights.

Images in the Public Domain

Images in the public domain have either had their copyrights revoked or the owners have relinquished all rights to the image. When an image is in the public domain, it is free to be used for any purpose (on your website, blog, presentation, banner advertisement, social media, and many other places) by anyone without restriction under copyright law, and no one owns or controls the image in any way.

The Creative Commons Zero (CC0) dedication allows copyright holders to place their work in the public domain. You can use these free public domain images however you want for commercial and personal purposes, but you can not claim ownership of them.

Where Can I Find Free Public Domain Images?

This article will provide you with a list of 47 websites that provide free public domain images for both commercial and non-commercial use. The images on these sites are licensed as Public Domain or Creative Commons Zero (CC0).

This means you can do whatever you want with the images and there is no fee or attribution link required.

47 Sites for Free Public Domain Images for Commercial Use

Pixabay –A massive database of free high-resolution public domain images for commercial and personal use, all licensed under the Creative Commons Zero licence. These large collections of free images are organised into various categories and tags.

On pixabay, you can also find public domain videos. For finding copyright-free images, we personally recommend pixabay. You can use these free stock photos for commercial and personal purposes without paying a fee or providing attribution.

Magdeleine – They deliver one hand picked free high-resolution image to your mailbox every day and you can also access full repository of images. Images are divided into different categories and can be browsed easily.

New Old Stock – This beautifully curated website features vintage photographs all now in public domain. These images are very interesting and unique as they give you a look into the past times. Check their rights and usage policies before use.

Unsplash – 10 new free high-resolution photos released every 10 days under royalty-free, CC0 license and public domain photos.

ISORepublic – This is a new site offering free stock images for designers, bloggers, developers, content marketers and social media teams.

Foodie’s Feed – High-resolution non-copyright food related images, free to use for personal and commercial use without any permission or attribution link required.

Death to the Stock Photo – Free pictures for commercial and personal use directly delivered to your inbox every month. You are free to use these images the way you want to. Check the license terms before using these pictures.

FancyCrave – Every day, Fancycrave’s beautiful website adds two new images from professional photographers. You may use these copyright-free images for both personal and commercial purposes. You can use these lovely and inventive images in your social media posts or blog posts.

Public Domain Archive – They offer free vintage and modern stock photos for commercial and personal use. All images in the public domain archive are free to use with no fee or attribution link is required.

Good Free Photos – Good source of location-based free public domain images. All pictures on this website are under CC0/Public Domain license. The owner would appreciate if you give an attribution link back to this website.

StockSnap – When looking high-resolution social media images then Stocks snap is the right place. They offer free public domain images for commercial use as well. You can browse images of your choice through date added, trending, the number of downloads, the number of views as well as keyword searches.

Free Range Stock – Free high-resolution stock images available for commercial and non-commercial use in public domain. They offer photos of people, landscape, industry, and food.

Pickup Image – Database of free public domain images available for commercial and non-commercial use without any permission or attribution required. Images are divided into tags and can be browsed easily.

Photogen – Free stock images for commercial and personal use divided into the relevant category. You can download these free public domain images and use them the way you want to without giving any fee or attribution link.

Gratisography – Amazing collection of free high-resolution images taken by photographer Ryan McGuire. All photos are provided under CC0 license. New additions every week. You can donate a coffee if you wish.

Skitterphoto – Limited number of high-resolution images free to use under public domain/CC0 license. Use these free stock images for commercial or personal use without paying a single penny. The number of photos is limited but very high quality.

Life of Pix – High quality free public domain images with no copyright restrictions on any of the images.

Pexels – AGood database of free public domain stock photos licensed under the CC0/public domain. Free for all kind of commercial and non-commercial use with no attribution required.

Morgue File – A huge repository of copyright-free stock photos for commercial and personal use but you cannot claim ownership of them. You can add your work on these pictures or do whatever you want without paying any fee or attribution link.

SplitShire – Free high-quality stock photos and images for commercial use. Divided into different relevant categories.

1 Million Free Pictures – Database of amateur free public domain images. Images here are sometimes lacking in quality but they make up with the quantity.

PD pics – Free public domain images taken by an in-house team of photographers.

Flickr: Creative Commons – Access to all Flickr photos sorted by license. You can find images under public domain, non-commercial license, attribution license.

Little Visuals – Get 7 free high-resolution images every week. Browse their website for more high-quality images. These images are free to use in any way you want to. This website has not been updated from last one year.

Travel Coffee Book – Free public domain images listed under CCo license to do anything you want to. They have a huge collection of travel photos.

Jay Mantri – Free high-resolution images with CC0 license. Use these public domain photos for personal or commercial use or do whatever you want and make your magic.

Moveast.me – Moveast is a website from a Portuguese guy who is offering public domain pictures for free. All these images are high-quality and licensed under CC0 means do whatever you want with these copyright free photos.

Barn Images –Free, high-quality public domain images are available for commercial and non-commercial use. Subscribe to them and get a pack of 50 images in your mailbox. You can browse through various categories or use the search option to find the relevant copyright free pictures for you.

Kaboompics – Kaboompics offers tons of great high quality copyright free stock photos for commercial and personal use. These thousands of copyright free photos are searchable by keyword, category or tags.

Startup Stock Photos – Free high-quality stock photos related to startup. Useful for websites and blogs related to startup.

Free Refe Real Life Photos – getrefe offering their free resolution photos through this website. These high-resolution images are available with CC0 license.

Visual Hunt – More than 55000+ CC0 images and 354,191,000+ Creative Commons Photos available. All images are high quality. Check the license of images before using them.

Photos Public Domain – Unless stated clearly in the image description, photos on this website are free non-copyright images and can be used commercially and non-commercially. They offer images, clipart, and pictures for all type of uses.

IMCreator – IMCreator offers high-quality images to use on social media, website designs, blogs, and other commercial uses. Though, attribution link is required for some of the images so please check the license terms before using any image.

These classic free stock images are categorized under people, business, health, technology, food, education and much more categories.

Freetems – Large collection of free public domain images, media, audios, videos, ebooks, graphics, and software etc.

Negative Space –Get free high-resolution stock images for commercial use. Negative space adds new copyright-free pictures every week to their website and all are listed under the CC0 license. You can sort these free images by category, color, copy space, and position.

Picdrome – Free high-resolution images all licensed under CC0 or public domain.

Free Stock Photos – Collection of free stock photos and clip art that contains both public domain and other licenses as well. You can browse through wide categories of images and choose the best one for you.

Public Domain Pictures -This one includes a lot of high quality free public domain photographs. Some images here may require an attribution, so check the details before using.

WikiMedia Commons – One of the most extensive public domain image resources. The majority of the images are free to use, but some are subject to restrictions.

Getty Search Gateways – go to getty search gateway and start searching free stock images for commercial use.

Other Resources of Free Public Domain Images

Gimp-savvy – Check for the links of several government websites and their image collection.

Getty Images Embed Resources – They just made millions of images free for non-commercial use, provided you use their image embed code.

Wikipedia – Check public domain image resource list provided by Wikipedia.

UCLA Library – List of image resources includes several public domain image sources.

Harvard Library – List of sites offering free public domain images.

Flickr Commons – Don’t forget Flickr commons.

Stop using Google to find a specific set of images or copying images from other websites or blogs, as this may result in copyright infringement. Begin your search for high-quality relevant images for your website, articles, or social media on the free public domain image websites listed above, which provide free stock photos for commercial and personal use.

Please comment below if you have any suggestions or queries.

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