What is a blog and what you need to know about it?

There are many people who use to hear this word ‘Blog’ intimately everyday, but they are not absolutely clear with the idea and the concept.  They will also come across it first this first time as you are doing just now…

Don’t worry now after reading this piece of text you would definitely be clear about these three words….

A Blog is short form of web log is an informal website promulgated on WWW that is the World Wide Web. It includes distinct entries called posts which are arranged in a chronological order where the first most which appears is the most recent one.

Let me summarize the blogging related terms:


  • Blog is basically a short form of ‘Web log’.
  • Blog is a website where posts or entry appears in reverse chronological order.
  • A blog is a website which is regularly and frequently updated with time usually and its updates appear on first come first appear basis. It means first post at the end and last post at the beginning of articles page.
  • Blog is not formal like website. It is purely dynamic in nature. Nothing is static in it including contents, its design, layout and format.
  • Blogs have an area for the people or audience to comment on the blog post.
  • Blogs can also have links to other websites or blogs.
  • It is very participatory in nature. Visitors can give their feedback and interact with the administrative (admin) team of blog.
  • Blogs can  be of various types which you can read in detail further in this article.
  • Blogs can have a rich media besides the text like audio, video etc.
  • A blog generally focuses on a particular niche.
  • It has a personal tone and face. It works like one-on-one communication.
  • If you blog consistently you can enjoy a lot because you have full liberty to do it whatever way you want. You can run your blog even in complete offline isolation.


  • The one who is the owner of a Blog is called blogger.
  • Blogger is the one who writes for the Blog.
  • A blogger is the one who is an expert in some field and shares it with all through his blog.
  • There can be more than one Bloggers for a particular Blog.
  • A good Blog is all due to the Blogger


Blogging is an online activity use for personal expression. A blog usually features commentary write ups and links to website articles. It is a common means of expressing one’s thoughts in the online media. Blogs are now used for advertising brands, services, and products. For this reason, bloggers are enhancing their online presence by using unique bloggers templates.

  • The act of writing or editing a post on the Blog is called Blogging.
  • There are various types of Blogging like Microblogging (like Twitter etc.) or Vblogging (video blogging ) which have their focus on only one type of content. 
  • Reading a post in the Blog is even called Blogging.

All activities you do to start, run and promote a blog are collectively called blogging. Right?

You may wonder to read this simplest answer of the question; what is blogging. Practically blogging is still simpler. It includes:

  • Planning to start a blog it includes keyword research, selection of niche, buying of blog hosting and domain name.
  • Starting a blog. It means making it ready to publish your contents for your target audience
  • Writing contents to publish on it. It is called blog posting.
  • Optimizing your blog. It is called search engine optimization.
  • Promoting your blog. We say it social media optimization.
  • Achieving your blogging objectives with your blog. They may be several like earning money, promoting your business, establishing a network or just having fun

I hope you are clear with the understanding of these three words which will last till the internet will last that are ‘Blog’ , ‘Blogging’  and ‘Blogger’ .

What are different types of Blogs ?

You must be amazed that word “Blog” is much wider than what you have thought of.

They are of different level covering different amount of public and audience of different interest due to the content being delivered.

Depending on the type and delivery style of the content, the blogs are divided into 7 categories.

These are stated below:-

Personal Blogs:

As the name suggests, this type of blog consists of information about any specific person who de facto is the owner itself in most of the cases. The blog becomes a way to demonstrate the life, mostly in order to gain fame. Now days, Micro blogging has taken its much of its place because it’s easier to share the thoughts and feelings on the sites offering Micro blogging like Twitter etc.

Money Blogging:

Its chief aim is to earn money with the blog. Money is earned with a blog by selling products and services on it.

Products and service are personal products of the blog or someone else which a blogger sells on commission.

Display of ad banners and text ads is also another source of earning money with a blog.

Business Blogging:

It means to promote a business. It indirectly acts as marketing tool to increase sales of a business.

It also works as image builder of the business. Whatever type of business you have you can support it by starting a blog.

People will read your blog and have more understanding of your products and your business. It is the smartest online way to grow your business because you need not to spend much while doing this.

Micro Blogging

Micro blogging is the most common and widely used which consists of sharing the content or information by posting text, links, photos, videos or any other form of media. These are used by friends, acquaintances, business personals to be in touch and share anything whenever they want to. These are also used my politicians and celebrities for the purpose of their fame and publicity of different events.

By Subject

Some blogs are only made to focus on specific topics or genre such as travel and tourism, health, politics, fashion, education or any particular niche etc. and are named accordingly like travel blogs ( or travelogs ), health blogs, political blogs, fashion blogs, education blogs, niche blogs etc. These are of two types literary genre blog and musical genre blog.

By device

Some of the blogs are in particular made for specific device information like any mobile phone etc. known as moblog. For example iPhone blogs consists of information related to the iPhones only.

Organizational Blogs

There are blogs corresponding to a particular organization which are used for better communication among the various employees of the organization. These are only for business purposes. The blogs for different clubs, societies, colleges etc. are named accordingly like club blogs etc. but  comes in the same category.

By type of media

There are blogs specifically made for the purpose related to different types of media. These are of many different types listed below.

  1. Photologs – Blog composed of photos
  2. Vlogs– Blog composed of videos
  3. Linklogs– Blog composed of links
  4. Sketchblogs– Blog composed of portfolio of sketches
  5. Tumblelogs– Blog composed of mixed media and short posts

Reverse Blogging

This is a type of blog which is administrated usually by a single blogger instead of many. This blog is opened up for writing by different authors or contributing them to a topic.

What’s the difference between a blog and a website anyway?

As I explained before, blog is a type of website that is updated regularly, with posts listed in reverse chronological order (newest first). I will use the term “website” to refer to the type of site that is static, that is, not updated regularly. A static website would be used like a brochure, providing basic information about yourself, your company or your organization. For example, if you want to start a virtual assistant business or you want a website for your existing business with basic info like services, pricing and contact info, a static website would be the way to go.

What is blogging in present times?

Now the concept of blogging is wider than previous. It has become so competitive. Now quality is more important.

Quantity is not as worthy as it used to be a few years ago. Blogging needs quality. This change occurs after mushrooming growth of blogs. Now only those can succeed who focus on quality and give value to their readers.

So this is all about what is blogging. It is the only field that changes with the fastest possible pace. Every day changes occur in it. So to do blogging one must be alert and resilient in nature. This is the basic spirit required to do blogging.

If you have potential to deliver quality stuff you must be happy because you can become a successful blogger quite easily.

How to blog effectively.

Although you will hear various things when learning how to blog, I was told the following and these things things still hold true:

  • Pick a interesting topic. Provide good content particularly discussing or providing a solution to someone’s need
  • Provide a good subject line to get a readers attention so they want to see what you’ve got to say about the topic
  • Keep it simple and straightforward.  Keep them on the blog with easy solutions. Don’t try to be a rocket scientist. The more up front you are with your message, the more likely it is that readers will connect with it and relate to it. Why go around the houses when you can go direct?
  • Put ‘yourself’ into your blog. Don’t just write about something you hear on the news or Internet.  When a person reads a blog, will the reader understand the article and also learn something about you?
  • Be Fresh – Bring a fresh outlook to the table, and you’ll start to build a following of readers who want to hear your views on the latest things in your field.
  • Write about various things:  Something personal, your niche, something funny, educational, etc.  Help people know who you are through your blogging.
  • Be Snappy – If you want people to jump in, read your posts and stick with you right to the end, consider writing a short, snappy post. Don’t make it any longer than it needs to be. Don’t waffle.

My advice is keep it interesting, put all of you into your blog so people, no matter what the topic, are interested in what you have to say.

Although the Internet world is huge, competition is fierce and these are the things I’ve found that have been the most important in my success.

Don’t get distracted by anything but the facts.  Time, patience and blogging well will help you get where you need to go.

With these things in place, I’ve come to love blogging.   I know how to blog, I make time for it and I have the patience to persevere through the rough times, the newness and the growing and learning pains.

Just stay on quality, be consistent and then enjoy the miracles of blogging which I will share with you in later posts.

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