Top 40 Must Have WordPress Plugins [updated 2021]

The internet is an amazing tool that provides anyone the means to grow their business and career in a meaningful way.

The first hurdle, though, is creating a website that allows you to go about your work without hindering your productivity.

To help you get started – or even find plugins you hadn’t thought of – this list contains solutions that will help you manage and organize your work, from making your site easier for your visitors to access, to completely managing invoicing and payment.

Each of these plugins is up-to-date, ensuring you’ll get the most out of compatible resources. And many of them are hugely popular in their categories, some with well over 1 million downloads.

1. Back Up Buddy Plugin – DOWNLOAD

Great and most trusted back up plugin. You can easily back up your wordpress files, restore them and move your wordpress blog.

This plugin is very useful for full wordpress back up.

You can move your wordpress blog easily and without headache with help of this plugin.

2. Wp Database Backup Plugin –DOWNLOAD

This wordpress plugin allows wordpress database back up on users demand. This plugin allows you to back up core wordpress database tables and you can also back up other tables from the same database.

3. BackWPup Plugin –DOWNLOAD

BackWPup is a must plugin for every wordpress users! You never know when something might break on your blog and you’ll need to restore the web files, how you gonna do that with no backup of your files? Even when you update your plugins or themes, you never know if somethings is not going to happen, not every plugin works with certain themes or other plugins your using.

For example, few weeks ago Yoast SEO updated its plugin, so I’ve updated it, and then… I was unable to access my blog because the latest update caused some PHP error (can’t remember what it was now), lucky I had a backup of my web files so I quickly got it back to working, but what if I didn’t? How many visitors would I have lost? How many sales? That’s why you should always backup your files before doing any changes to your blog. If you’ll use this plugin for you backups you don’t even have to worry about doing them, you can set the timing and it will automatically create backups of all your files and send it to your email address or any where you want.

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4. Wp Super Cache Plugin – DOWNLOAD

Another best wordpress cache plugin for your blog. If you find W3 Total Cache plugin more complicated to customize, Wp Super Cache should be the next choice. It is very fast caching plugin for wordpress that produces static html files from your dynamic wordpress blog.

WP Super cache is now my favorite WordPress caching plugin, as it  will create static HTML pages from your dynamic blog pages; it then shows the generated HTML pages to most of your blog visitors. According to the developers, if your blog gets a large amount of traffic and you’re on an under powered web server, the plugin will be of great help.

5. W3 Total Cache Plugin – DOWNLOAD

This is the best wordpress cache plugin. This plugin is said to be complete wordpress performance framework. This plugin helps by improving site performance and thus user experience via caching. W3 Total Cache plugin is a must have wordpress plugins for better blog performance.

According to the developer, W3 total cache will give At least 10x improvement in overall site performance (Grade A in YSlow or significant Google Page Speed improvements) when fully configured; I have personally experienced the effectiveness of this plugin and it is great.

W3 Total Cache has a lot of options in its admin panel, but if you are a beginners and it all seems confusing, just install and activate this plugin, its default settings will work well for you. It has inbuilt option to minify the codes, and you can connect it with your CDN account. our number of request will surprisingly decrease as it minify all css and js and merged them into one so only two requests will be sent to server.

There is a free and premium version for W3 Total Cache. The premium version will unlock Fragment cache and extension framework.

6. Broken Link Checker Plugin – DOWNLOAD

First, what is broken link?, A link to any page or image or any css or JavaScript file that our site requests to load from server but it’s not available there.

Broken link breaks our site from indexing to Google and we may loss visitors so we must needs to fix it ASAP. WordPress has great plugin called Broken Link Checker that scan through our website and shows us list of broken links as result. We can then fix it or redirect it to its equivalent links.

This broken link checker plugin check your blog posts, blog comments and other blog contents for broken links and if any link found to be broken this plugin will notify you.

7. Wass Up Real Time Analytics Plugin – DOWNLOAD

WassUp real time analytics is a wordpress plugin which analyze your blog visitors, blog traffic and gives real time statistics, different charts and lots of chronological information which helps you in SEO and statistical maniacs.

8. Redirection Plugin – DOWNLOAD

If you don’t have knowledge of Apache .htaccess files to manage your redirects, Do not worry. This wordpress plugin manage your 301 redirection and keep track your 404 errors without needing knowledge of Apache .htaccess files.

It’s very useful when you changed your URL or replace page with new one and old page returns 404 error. You simply set old URL to new one in plugin setting and you never get 404 error.

The main benefit of this plugin is that it has the feature that helps us improve our indexing in search engines. If your site returns 404 page then search engine will not crawls your all pages.

If you don’t want to bother with manually setting all 404 pages to its equivalent, you have to set only one option in plugin settings and everything will be done by plugin itself.

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9. WordPress SEO By Yoast Plugin – DOWNLOAD

WordPress works great in terms of SEO because it’s built with improving search ranking in mind. Though we have to play with other SEO factors like on page SEO, Meta titles, meta keywords, descriptions, etc…

Yoast SEO really works great with this scenario. It plays very well with optimized title and keywords. We can easily set Meta titles and keywords that user will see when doing Google search.

This is a complete all in one seo pack, install this wordpress plugin and write great blog content. Below are some great functions of this wordpress seo plugin:

  • Page Analysis
  • Technical WordPress Search Engine Optimization
  • Meta & Link Elements
  • XML Sitemaps
  • RSS Optimization
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Edit your .htaccess and robots.txt file
  • Social Integration
  • Multi-Site Compatible
  • Import & Export functionality
  • Import functionality for other WordPress SEO plugins

It has downloaded 1+ Million times and has 4.8 rating on plugin directory. I personally recommend this plugins as I have great results with my site. I just have to set proper title and keywords and other SEO factors are handled easily by Yoast SEO.

10. All In One SEO Pack Plugin – DOWNLOAD

This is another best wordpress SEO plugin. All in one seo plugin automatically optimize your wordpress blogs for search engines.

Keep your blog or website Optimized with this SEO pack, so search engines will help you to keep up with high rankings. Please visit the site to download or type in All in one SEO Pack  from the plug-in download page.

11. Google xml Site Maps Plugin – DOWNLOAD

Search engines love xml sitemaps. This google xml sitemaps plugin generate sitemap for you blog very easily. So that you can submit your sitemap to search engines.

This is another must have plugin that helps with your SEO. Google XML Sitemaps allows you to automatically update your sitemap whenever you make any changes to your blog even if there’s not changes made it still updates the sitemap daily(or whatever you’ve set the date to, I recommend setting it on daily updates). You can also pick what to show in the sitemap and what not to show so you can lower the memory usage and speed up the process of creating the sitemap and remove the unnecessary pages you don’t want to show.

If you want your site to be better indexed in Google, yahoo, Bing and ask me search engines than you need to upload xml sitemap of your all pages and posts to your server so that search engine crawl all of the posts and pages of your website.

We have Google XML Sitemaps plugin that plays well with sitemap. It automatically generates xml sitemap for our blog or website.

But if you are using WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast, you don’t need to download and install this plugin. Because wordpress seo plugin by Yoast includes this feature.

12. SEO Slugs Plugin – DOWNLOAD

Some common words like ‘a’, ‘in’, ‘the’ are generally not taken into account by search engines. And these words are known as STOP WORDS. This plugin removes such stop words from post slugs of your blog post and improves search engine optimization.

13. Robots Meta Plugin – DOWNLOAD

A very useful wordpress plugin. Robots Meta plugin offers ease of adding appropriate meta robots tag to your wordpress pages, it disables the unused archives, it makes unnecessary links nofollow and many more.

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14. Social Media Tabs Plugin – DOWNLOAD

Social sharing is the main thing that plays very well in increasing our website traffic.

I have used many social sharing plugins personally but didn’t satisfy with any of them. Then I came to this plugin and found some really great features which come with free of cost. It has different layouts that we can use based on our theme styling.

This Social media tabs plugin allows you to add social networking buttons like google +1, twitter, pinterest, facebook, flickr, YouTube subscription, RSS profiles and feeds to any of your blog widget area.

15. Digg Digg Plugin – DOWNLOAD

This plugin enables the floating share bar on your wordpress blog. It provides number of social networks to easily integrate into floating share bar. Its great, Try it. This blog also uses this floating share bar plugin.

So if you like this must have wordpress plugins list, you can use that floating buttons on this blog for facebook likes and tweets. It will be appreciated.

16. Share Bar Plugin – DOWNLOAD

This plugin also adds dynamic and fully customizable social share vertical box to the left side of your blog post with buttons of all popular social networking sites.

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17. WP-PageNavi Plugin – DOWNLOAD

If your wordpress blog has more pages than pages navigation is must for your blog. This WP-PageNavi plugin will help you to add more advanced paging navigation interface. It replaces old interface with links to some pages on your wordpress blog.

18. Revision Control Plugin – DOWNLOAD

WordPress is not able to control the revisions of each posts and pages. It is very frustrating because more revision copies means more saved posts and occupies more space.

Therefore this plugin limits the number of saved copies And thus increase the blog loading time.

To solve this problem, revision control plugin is very useful. This plugin allows finer control over the post revisions system in wordpress.

19. FD Feed Burner Plugin – DOWNLOAD

This plugin redirects the main feed to and optionally redirects the comments feed also. FD Feed Burner Plugin does this without need of modifying your blog templates. Just feed your feedburner URL to this plugin and you’re all done.

20. What Would Seth Godin Do Plugin – DOWNLOAD

This wordpress plugin is very useful. What Would Seth Godin Do plugin displayes custom message to your blog’s new reader or another message to returning visitor. This plugins do this with the help of cookies.

21. WP Greet Box Plugin – DOWNLOAD

This plugin displays your blog visitors different greeting messages depending on which sources they are coming from. WP Greet Box plugin comes with great options. You can set different greeting messages for visitors come from different URLs. For example, you can show different message to visitors come from facebook and different message to visitors come from stumbleupon. It depends on you.

22. Nrelate Related Content Plugin – DOWNLOAD

Another Best wordpress plugin to show related content from your blog. Nrelate Related Content plugin provides more customizations. It comes with more advanced styles to show on your blog posts and offers appealing looks. This plugin is a must have wordpress plugin to represent your related posts in a more stylish way.

23. Fast Secure Contact Form Plugin – DOWNLOAD

A very customizable contact form that let’s your blog readers to send you an email. It automatically blocks all spammers. Fast Secure Contact Form is the best plugin for contact forms.

With Fast Secure Contact Form Plugin, visitors data will be automatically save in our database and we can then use it for email marketing purposes to increase our sales.

24. Tiny MCE Advanced Plugin – DOWNLOAD

If you are looking for making the table in wordpress post, your search ends here. Tiny MCE Advanced is the best wordpress plugin to add and customize table in your wordpress blog post. This plugin enables all its features in WordPress WYSIWYG editor.

25. Yet Another Related Post Plugin – DOWNLOAD

This plugin enables you to show related posts on your blog. Yet Another Related Post Plugin displays list of related posts on your blog and feed based on its unique algorithm.

26. Dynamic To Top Plugin – DOWNLOAD

If your blog posts and pages are longer, dynamic to top plugin will help you by adding dynamic and automatic TO TOP button for easily scrolling long posts or pages to the top.

27. Hello Bar Plugin – DOWNLOAD

Hello Bar plugin direct your blog readers to the page you want and help you to promote your blog’s most important content.

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28. Pretty Link Lite Plugin – DOWNLOAD

This plugin helps you in shortening the links using your own domain name. Pretty Link Lite plugin is best wordpress plugin for bloggers who wants to clean up their affiliate links and manage records of clicks coming to their blog.

This plugin also saves all the links you want to redirect and you can just pick which one you want to use so you don’t have to waste time looking for the affiliate link you need.

29. WP125 Plugin – DOWNLOAD

Easily adds 125 X 125 ad blocks on your blog and manage your ads. WP125 allows easy and simple 125 X 125 ad management. It offers best options for displaying ads on your blog. It also tracks clicks.

30. Advertisement Management Plugin – DOWNLOAD

This wordpress plugin offers you best option for ad placements on your blog. With the help of advertisement management plugin you can add advertisements to your blog directly from the backend of your blog.

31. Pricing Table Plugin – DOWNLOAD

If you are selling any product or services on your blog, this plugin let’s you to publish pricing table on your wordpress post or page. WordPress Pricing Table generate pricing tables in very easy and dynamic way.

Best WordPress Comments Plugins

32. Subscribe To Comments Plugin – DOWNLOAD

This plugin help your blog commentators to subscribe to e-mail notifications for subsequent comments.

33. Thank Me Later Plugin – DOWNLOAD

This plugin automatically sends a THANK YOU e-mail your blog reader who comment on your blog. Thank Me Later plugin also engage your readers by reminding them to check back for.

34. Commentluv Plugin – DOWNLOAD

This is the must have commenting wordpress plugin. Commentluv reward your blog readers by automatically placing a link to their last blog post at the end of their comment. It is the best way to reward your blog visitors.

35. G.A.S.P. Plugin – DOWNLOAD

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin generate client side checkbox asking the comment writer to confirm that they are real human and not spammers and thus defeat automated spammers.

36. Keywordluv Plugin – DOWNLOAD

Many commentators like to place their link with specific anchor text in comment section. Keywordluv plugin rewards commentators by separating their name and keywords and link to their blog with desired anchor text.

37. No Follow Free Plugin – DOWNLOAD

This plugin makes your comments Dofollow by removing the Nofollow attribute. Nofollow free plugin precisely remove nofollow attribute from author’s link and make it dofollow.

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38. Peter’s Collaboration E-mails Plugin – DOWNLOAD

This plugin helps you if you are accepting guest posts on your blog. It enhances ‘Submit For Review’ feature for contributor users. It automatically sends e-mails to the relevant users at different post status transitions.

39. Peter’s Post Notes Plugin – DOWNLOAD

This plugin adds notes to the EDIT POST and  EDIT PAGE sidebars. Users can also share notes on wordpress dashboard. If you use it with Peter’s Collaboration E-mail Plugin notes are sent along with the e-mails in the collaboration workflow.

40. Capability Manager Plugin – DOWNLOAD

As name suggest, this plugin helps you to manage capabilities for different roles. With Capability Manager plugin, you can easily create and manage roles and capabilities.

There are so many other plugins available in wordpress plugin directory. Above plugins have helped me a lot to make my blog more functional. And I am sure these plugins will help and extend your wordpress blog functionality.

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