13 Best Page Builder Plugins For WordPress

Without a doubt, WordPress is the most agile and flexible content management platform today. When it all started, the WordPress CMS was meant primarily for blogging. WordPress, on the other hand, can now be used for almost any purpose and to create any type of website.

There are drag and drop page builder wordpress plugins available to help you create user-friendly and dynamic webpages. Let’s have a look at these WordPress page builder plugins.

Page Builder Plugins for WordPress

As is well known, WordPress sites may be customised through the use of themes and plugins. However, general-purpose plugins and themes provide limited customization choices. To develop a custom outlook for your pages, you must either code it yourself or hire someone to code it for you. This means that you must be a developer in order to experiment with code.

Page builder plugins are really handy in this case. They’re user-friendly, with a simple drag-and-drop tool for adding features that enhance the user experience. These enable extensive design flexibility without the need for coding.

Benefits of Using Page Builder Plugins

  • These plugins eliminate the requirement for coding skills by utilising drag & drop capabilities. Thus, they help you save money on website construction.
  • They allow for greater customization. You can drag and drop pieces to customise your website.
  • Due to the fact that your website has a variety of various elements, you are free to test them and measure customer experience.

This post discusses some of the finest drag-and-drop page builder plugins for WordPress sites. Let’s have a look at what’s available!

Elementor – Ultimate Page Builder for WordPress

Elementor is widely regarded as the greatest page builder plugin available for WordPress sites. It lets you build your website from the front end, so you don’t have to keep going back and forth.

Key features:

  • It enables you to create your page in real time. Thus, you may customise the page while simultaneously seeing the changes take effect.
  • The page builder is simple to use. Even beginners can utilise it because no coding experience is required.
  • There are numerous free templates available to assist you in expediting and simplifying your design process.
  • Elementor has mobile editing features that enable you to customise the aesthetic appearance of your pages. You can develop stunning layouts that are compatible with a wide variety of devices.
  • The WordPress page builder has a slew of outstanding features, such as background overlays, gradients, and box shadows. Additionally, there are 28 widgets to explore.
  • The Elementor template library enables you to store and export designs, which makes it incredibly simple to reuse them on other websites.

Page Builder by WooRockets.com

If you’re seeking for visually appealing WooCommerce themes, go no further than WooRockets, who also provide a free page builder plugin.

Significant characteristics include the following:

  • It enables you to drag and drop components onto a webpage to enhance its aesthetics.
  • Utilize the sophisticated editor to construct pages according to your specifications.
  • You can quickly create a page by utilising a comprehensive range of features.
  • Shortcodes, full-page elements, and widget support are all built-in to the page builder.
  • Spotlight is a tool that assists you in locating the appropriate page element for your webpage.
  • Additionally, it enables real-time monitoring of changes. This enables you to assess the impact of modifications and decide whether to keep them or revert to the previous state.

Themify Builder

Simple to use The drag-and-drop interface enables you to design and personalise any element on the page. Themify Builder works with any post type, accepts HTML input, and works with all major WordPress plugins, like WooCommerce and SEO Yoast.

  • You may create a webpage using built-in layouts and then change it to suit your needs.
  • You can create a page by dragging and dropping components.
  • Themify Builder enables you to construct custom pages either using the WordPress post editor or directly from the front-end.
  • There is an Import/Export option that enables you to generate backups of your layouts, as well as import and export them.
  • The pro edition includes the following additional features:
  • There are over 60 pre-designed Builder layouts.
  • There are almost 60 animation effects.
  • Styling That Is Responsive
  • Slider, video, parallax scrolling, and gradient for the background.
  • Revisions – enables you to store an unlimited number of versions of your Builder layout.
  • This is a visibility control that allows you to specify whether a module or row is visible on a certain device.

SiteOrigin Page Builder

Another free page builder for WordPress, this one from SiteOrigin features a wide range of options, responsiveness, and sophistication. The page builder is compatible with any theme and creates attractive pages.

Key features:

  • Allows you to interact with the widgets on your WordPress site and speed up the process.
  • You can utilise live editing to make real-time changes to widgets, exactly like you do on Android phones.
  • Utilize a history browser to keep track of changes. Additionally, you can roll back anything that does not meet your standards.

Beaver WordPress Page Builder

Beaver Builder is another fantastic WordPress page builder that includes beautiful themes in addition to the standard drag-and-drop editor. The page builder is designed to work with any type of website theme. Indeed, there are no restrictions when it comes to using it with any theme.

Significant characteristics include the following:

  • Utilize built-in components to create visually appealing pages.
  • Additionally, Beaver Builder integrates with third-party widgets, enabling you to export parts to your WordPress site.
  • HTML, Photo, Text Editor, Audio, Video, and Sidebar are all included as content modules.
  • Layouts with a full width and column-based structure.
  • For best efficiency, use lightweight and semantic markup.
  • Row backdrops in photo, colour, and video.
  • Layouts that are mobile-friendly and responsive.
  • Utilize Widgets and shortcodes in WordPress.

This plugin is compatible with Pages, Posts, and Custom Post Types.

Visual Composer Page Builder

Visual Composer is an incredible WordPress page builder and, according to CodeCanyon, one of the best. When it comes to layouts, design, elements, and other customization choices, Visual Composer is unmatched. It has simple-to-use frontend and backend editors.

Significant characteristics include the following:

  • Drag-and-Drop Interface
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Support for Woocommerce
  • Backgrounds with video and parallax
  • The page builder includes over 40 pre-designed layouts/templates.
  • 45+ predefined elements of content
  • You may create a custom page using the drag and drop editor.
  • Each design choice is responsive, which is ideal for mobile users.

Because Visual Composer is compatible with WooCommerce, you can effortlessly convert your WordPress site into an online store.

Live Composer Page Builder

If you’ve used page builders previously, you’re probably aware that the majority of them require you to make changes to your webpages via the WordPress admin panel. However, the Live Composer page builder will provide a superior experience.

Editing directly on the page

It enables you to work directly on the personalised page and make adjustments. Consider how simple it would be to make real-time modifications. You may drag and drop elements onto the webpage from the editing page’s bar and watch them take effect simultaneously.

What effect does it have on your work?

  • It’s simpler that way, because you can decide which modifications improve the user experience and which do not.
  • Making changes right on the page and viewing them immediately saves a significant amount of time.

It’s more about time savings, convenience of use, and the ability to apply and observe changes in real time with Live Composer Page Builder. You may be astonished to learn that it is completely free!

Pootle Page Builder

You may choose to use a page builder such as Pootle for interactive pages. This page building tool includes a drag-and-drop interface. However, the biggest feature of this page builder is that it is fairly similar in design structure to WordPress. Therefore, if you’ve dealt with WordPress previously, getting started with Pootle will be simple. Several of its characteristics include the following:

  • You’re going to appreciate the preset video backgrounds and parallax effects.
  • You can experiment with new add-ons as Pootle’s creators release new tools on a regular basis.
  • Due to the CSS customisation per module, you can alter the elements to a greater extent.

Headway Themes

The company provides an industry-leading page builder for WordPress websites. This page builder not only allows you to create a unique website theme; it also includes pre-built themes that may catch your eye.

It features a simple drag-and-drop interface for adding various parts to your page, or you can use these elements to build an altogether unique layout.

The Creator – Visual WordPress Page Builder

The Creator is a WordPress page builder with a visual interface. In addition to the standard drag-and-drop interface, this page builder provides greater convenience and diversity than other plugins on the market. It possibly contains the most comprehensive collection of elements and modules available.

The vast collection of modules include:

  • Blockquote Block Button,
  • Alert Box,
  • Callout Box,
  • Buy Now PayPal Button,
  • Chart Pie,
  • Chart Doughnut,
  • Chart Bar,
  • Chart Line and much more.

Divi Builder Plugin

Divi is another easy-to-use drag-and-drop WordPress theme and page builder. It’s a lightweight WordPress theme with over 20 layouts or templates suitable for any type of website. Several of its advantages include the following:

  • It helps you to design and save your own Divi layouts.
  • Exporting layouts is only feasible from a Divi installation.
  • There are numerous components that you can use into your website.

The page builder is really affordable, especially when you consider that it provides access to all of Elegant Theme’s WordPress plugins (Monarch Social Media Plugin, for example) and themes, including Divi and 87 more!

Overall, Divi is the go-to page builder plugin because it is compatible with all of the included Elegant Themes as well as a large number of other WordPress themes.

Massive Dynamic Page Builder

Massive Builder is a one-stop shop for website development. It has easy-to-use live drag-and-drop editing and a plethora of handy settings. It is one of the most robust website builders available. One of the most significant benefits is that it provides the highest possible speed performance scores, which directly impact your website’s search engine rankings.

The advanced builder enables you to see changes in real time and includes over 60 pre-built websites. You can use them as templates for your own website, allowing you to quickly develop a professional site for any purpose. Additionally, it is perfectly compatible with all major plugins, including Woocommerce, Visual Composer, and Add to Any. It includes an unlimited number of layouts and over 70 pre-made elements, as well as a variety of header designs.

Here are some of it benefits:

  • Live website builder
  • Support for shortcodes
  • Super light weight & fast loading ready website
  • Mega menu with options
  • Fully responsive & mobile friendly
  • Five star support team


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