7 Best WordPress Video Plugins For Embedding & Playing Videos

Text alone will not entirely capture the attention of your website’s visitors or provide value to them. People desire information that is both quick and clear. Videos are an excellent technique to capture people’s interest and keep them on your website for a longer period of time. So, let’s see what the finest WordPress video plugins are for effortlessly embedding videos on any post or page.

Some video streaming companies, such as YouTube, provide a simple method for adding video to your WordPress website. Simply copy and paste the video’s URL from YouTube onto the page where you want the video to appear, and WordPress will take care of the rest. Instead of the URL, you can alternatively copy and paste the embed code from YouTube. However, you could only insert one video without any effects or control, much alone video galleries or the option to select video thumbnails. There are also other video streaming sites, such as Vimeo and Dailymotion, but not all of them allow you to easily add videos to your WordPress-powered website.

There are numerous video plugins for WordPress. Those provide highly imaginative ways to include videos and audio into your website. You may make video galleries, add adverts, player controls, and select a thumbnail for each video, among other things.

The top WordPress video player plugins with plenty of features are listed here. These are the tools you’ll need to display videos on your website in the most innovative, entertaining, and user-friendly way possible.

Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

One of the greatest plugins for showing videos on WordPress websites is Advanced Responsive Video Embedder. ARVE is entirely responsive, allowing the plugin to display videos seamlessly on a variety of screen sizes, including smartphones and tablets. It also provides a quick and simple method for inserting movies. When installed, simply click “embed a video” in the top right-hand corner of the WordPress editor to begin embedding a video. Then simply paste the link of the video you want to show. You can also change the settings for autoplay, orientation, and maximum width.

Key features:

  • SEO-friendly, allows you to set title, description, and upload date to offer schema.org data to search engines.
  • Tens of video services are supported, including YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.
  • Makes all URL-embedded movies responsive by embedding them with CSS, which is far superior to JavaScript.

Easy Video Player

It is as easy and straightforward as the name suggests for this video player plugin. It is a video player plugin that allows you to insert videos from either an external source or your own. The video is directly linked to the video file. It shows local videos, server-streamed videos, YouTube videos, and Vimeo videos.

Videos must be in mp4 format, which is the best and most widely used format on the web, as a requirement for this plugin. The plugin is responsive and compatible with new web technologies such as HTML5. It is capable of playing videos in loops.

Key features:

  • Optimized for mobile and desktop
  • Subtitles files are supported.
  • Support for both local and streaming videos
  • Commercial popup advertising are optional.

YouTube Embed

YouTube embed is a flexible video player plugin for WordPress sites. It allows you to integrate a whole playlist from a YouTube channel in addition to a video.

When you click the YouTube button in the upper right corner of the post editor, a pop-up box with options displays. To embed the video, select’search for a video or channel to insert.’ You can either search for a video in this section or paste one from a link or playlist. The plugin will then build a shortcode for you to enter into the blog post in order for the video to appear.

Key features:

  • Create your own playlists and choose how to show videos.
  • Google-friendly metadata
  • Playlists generated automatically depending on the user’s name
  • Responsive video sizing with dynamic video sizing

WP Video Lightbox

You can embed videos using the WP video lightbox plugin. Videos are shown in an overlay pop-up. You can embed films from a variety of sites, including Vimeo and YouTube. You can also include any other iframe or flash content, as well as photos. You may change the animation speed, tweak the opacity, enable autoplay, and conceal or reveal the titles.

Key features:

  • Retrieve the thumbnail automatically
  • Overlay a video description of a popup.
  • Turn off suggested videos (YouTube)

FV WordPress Flowplayer

FV WordPress flowplayer is a responsive video player for WordPress. It is ideal for displaying FLV and MP4 videos, with 98 percent coverage on mobile devices. You can include films from your own server as well as those from YouTube and Vimeo. Take a look at the setting section, as there are a lot of them. There are free and pro versions, although the free version alone has many advanced features including Google Analytics, Cuepoints, Native fullscreen, Keyboard shortcuts, Subtitles, Slow motion, and Random seeking.

Key features:

  • Video player that is completely responsive
  • Amazon S3, Cloudfront, and other CDNs are fully supported.
  • Lightweight
  • Brandable

Huge-IT Video Gallery Plugin

Huge-IT The WordPress Video Gallery plugin is entirely responsive, allowing you to add both YouTube and Vimeo films to your website and modify how video galleries are displayed in a variety of ways. The videos are displayed in a pop-up lightbox. There are seven lovely gallery views to choose from, not to mention a plethora of useful features such as a view counter, zoom icon, and view more button.

Key features:

  • Hundreds of Design Options
  • Lightbox Popup
  • Add unlimited amount of videos
  • Drag and Drop functionality
  • Title and description for each video
  • Gallery in widgets

Playwire Video Player

This plugin will enable you to perform any task associated with video publication. You can easily host, syndicate, stream, transcode, and monetize video material. It works by integrating your playerwire account with your WordPress page and allowing you to manage your video inventory directly from the WordPress dashboard.

One notable feature is that it supports HD playback via HTML5. Social sharing options are also available, and your material may be published across several platforms via playwire’s sandbox. Additionally, it includes advertising capabilities that enable you to generate money. Additionally, this fascinating plugin includes capabilities such as management over ad breaks and analysis.

The sole drawback is the inability to stream videos from YouTube and Vimeo, which means that all movies must be uploaded to Playwire.

Key features:

  • Support for MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, MP4V
  • HTML 5 video support
  • Earn revenue through Playwire’s advertising network.
  • VAST and VPAID compliant

Which one is the best WordPress video player plugin?

With the proliferation of WordPress video plugins, we’re back to the same old issue. Which one should be chosen, which is the best? It’s difficult to tell in general, as each site is unique, and you may have some unique requirements. While Playwire Video Player is an outstanding alternative for making revenue from videos, it lacks the ability to broadcast videos from prominent sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Huge-IT Video Gallery Plugin is an excellent solution for making video galleries. If you only need to embed a few YouTube videos, you may not require a video plugin at all or may use a free plugin such as YouTube Embed.

However, there is one plugin that is ideal for the majority of tasks; it can display movies from either an external source or your own server.

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments on displaying videos on WordPress websites in the section below. We appreciate your time in reading and hope that this post was beneficial.


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