5 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

A contact form is an effective form of communication for any website and a convenient way for users and consumers to get in touch with you easily and securely. There are a lot of ways to do this with WordPress, here we look at the new best WordPress contact form plugins, all of the below list offer excellent features, and just as importantly, easy to use.


For a regular contact form Ninja Forms is my plugin of choice. Primarily because it gets the job done quickly and hassle-free via an excellent drag-and-drop interface, it supports custom CSS classes for easy styling, once you’ve created your form you just add to your contact page via a shortcode. There are also some powerful premium extensions available if you need extra functionality. This plugin is extremely well-supported and updated regularly so is as secure as possible.

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Contact Form 7 has over 12 million downloads, so safe to say it’s rather popular. With good reason too, it’s a solid contact form plugin that you can rely on. With a whole host of options including Ajax-powered form submission, CAPTCHA, spam filtering and lots more.

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Gravity Forms is the king of premium form plugins for WordPress. With a huge range of options you can create bespoke and complex forms with ease. Features include: a form builder where you can set custom styling and other basic settings, you can create multi-page forms with a progress bar so the user can see their progress.

Of course this all may be overkill for a simple contact form, but that is the point of Gravity Forms, you can do a whole lot more than just contact forms. Say you wanted to create an order form for your ecommerce website, not a problem with Gravity Forms, as there are already pricing fields ready for you to use.

Perhaps you are running a competition on your website, and want to limited form submissions to a set number, again this kind of functionality is ready with Gravity Forms, it really is endless what you can do.

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Fast Secure Contact Form is a free plugin that is great for a simple contact form. Good spam protection and a feature that lets you send a meeting request to talk over phone or video, which is a nice little touch.

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Another excellent free plugin that will get you a contact form on your website in a rapid fashion. All the usual basic options including custom field creation, custom labels, plus a facility to add a file upload option within your form.

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