How to best advertise your blog

Most people nowadays have a blog, but only a select few are getting lots of traffic and actually earning a steady income from it. Yes, it’s easy to blog, but getting lots of traffic to your blog requires some time, so don’t think that everything will come to you right from the start. Instead, you will have to work quite a lot in order to get the attention of many visitors.

Blog Advertising

Creating good content

Creating good content for your blog is undoubtedly one of the most important steps in advertising it.Try to write compelling, interesting, and one-of-a-kind blog posts that will entice readers to leave comments.If your blog belongs to a certain niche, for example, make sure that you write about things that people don’t know about that niche and try to become an expert in it if you can. People that are viewed as experts will always get the attention of people, as they think that experts have the most reliable opinions on the internet. Write objectively and to the point, help your readers succeed, share your own stories, and organise your blog posts so they are easier to read. Insert images from time to time if your blog post is long, and also include some bullet points if it’s required.

Using social media marketing

In fact, another important step in getting your blog advertised is using your social media profiles the right way. Let’s face it, most of you already have a Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest account, so why not use it to tell people what valuable information can be found in your blog? Some blogging platforms, such as WordPress, actually allow you to link the blog to your social media account, so the new blog posts will immediately be added there as well once you post them. While most of the first readers will be your friends, encourage them to share your blog with others so you can get more visitors.

Contacting people directly

Another interesting way is by contacting people directly. While this might seem more time-consuming, if you have a niche blog, this can be quite helpful, as you can interact directly with people that are interested in that particular field of work. You can also try and search for people interested in your niche via Google or Twitter, among numerous other tools.

Also, you might want to read other similar blogs and insert a link to similar topics on your blog in the comments. Contacting the owner of that blog is also a good way to expand your contact list with someone who has an actual interest in your blog’s topic and content.

Working on blog SEO

SEO is a great ingredient for successful blog advertising. This essentially allows you to get a lot more traffic if you pass various criteria checks.Most of the time, if you have enough unique and interesting content, social shares, and links to your site from other blogs and resources, you’ll do very well in search engine rankings. Keep in mind, though, that in order to get links to your website, you will have to share your content.

Bookmarking sites such as Reddit, Digg, and Delicious also provide a great way to showcase your blog. Create a new thread and post them in those categories where you know there are numerous users. Blog syndication is another useful way to advertise your blog and make it more popular than it already is. Also, adding your blog posts to Technorati is very useful if you want to draw more traffic to your blog.


In conclusion, there are numerous ways you can use to advertise your blog and do whatever it takes to gain a lot more traffic than you already have. From guest blogging to bookmarking sites, the possibilities are endless, and you are mainly limited only by your imagination and the time you are going to put into this process.

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