18 Awesome Bootstrap UI Editors That You Can Use

Bootstrap was released by Twitter in 2011 and has rapidly grown into one of the most popular front-end responsive frameworks for web developers and designers. It features a great library of ready-to-use components, add-ons, and plugins that help web developers boost their web development productivity.

Fortunately, a number of Bootstrap resources are available around the web. But in this article, we’re focusing on 18 of the best editing tools through which you can customize this framework according to your needs. However, most of them are free to use, but some are paid.

So scroll down and go through them one by one.


Jetstrap is a web-based interface builder for Bootstrap, which makes web development easier and faster. Basically, it’s a client-side Javascript library that lets developers and designers build rapid prototypes and applications with drag-and-drop functionality. With Jetstrap, it’s quite easy to create stylish CSS sites without any coding knowledge as it lets you drop page elements and customize their look easily.

Using it, you can see what your site will look like on different types of screens, like mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc. Apart from this, it also provides the facility to export your HTML code and import it to a web server of your choice.

Price: You can try Jetstrap at no cost for 7 days. After that, you must upgrade to one of its premium plans that starts at $16/month.


Diveshot is a powerful interface builder and rapid prototyping tool, which works superbly with the latest versions of the most popular front-end frameworks, including Bootstrap, Ratchet, and Foundation. It has completely customized component libraries for each framework, with a real-time WYSIWYG HTML editor that supports CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Custom Code, LESS and much more.

Divshot offers you fast, visual front-end development and lets you create interface prototypes in a very short time with clean and usable HTML. Using it, you can work with visual editing tools and source code at the same time.

Price: Free for 1 project with 10MB storage, while premium plans start at $30/mo.


Easel is an in-browser web design tool that lets you mockup, collaborate, and implement your ideas easily, without shifting back and forth between your web browser and text editor. It lets you create quick prototypes by importing elements from your existing site.

If you already use Bootstrap on your site, you can use this great tool to create a markup that you can drop directly onto your website. It also has a great collection of components for those who are novices to Bootstrap. When you’re finished, you can easily export the CSS/HTML for the entire document or just a set of some specific elements.

Price: It’s absolutely free up to 3 documents, and premium plans start at $15 per month.


Kickstrap is a front-end framework that extends Bootstrap with themes, advanced JavaScript via JSPM, extra UI components, and MVC-pattern UI-binding via AngularJS. It contains the entire Bootswatch theme library and keeps themes separate from your custom CSS. So it’s quite easy to keep Bootstrap’s layers up-to-date without overwriting existing code.

Kickstrap has plug-in functionality with apps that are powered by JSPM. It’s very easy to use and requires no database or installation.



LayoutIt is a simple and quick interface builder that allows you to create prototypes with Bootstrap. Using it, you can easily add Bootstrap components like forms, buttons, and navbars to your own design using drag and drop. It generates high quality and validated HTML5 code, in which you can change elements like loops, variables, etc. according to your needs.

It offers three types of base templates – Starter, Basic Marketing and Article – to choose from. It makes your front-end coding easier and is quite easy to integrate with any programming language. To use it, you don’t need to be an expert in CSS3, HTML5 or JavaScript.


Bootstrap ThemeRoller:

The Bootstrap ThemeRoller is an intuitive web application that lets you customize the look and feel of Twitter Bootstrap using a user-friendly visual interface. With this app, you can easily customize Bootstarp components like fonts, color, alerts, buttons, size, forms, menus, tables, navigation bars, and more.

It lets you see all the changes instantly, so you can view how your final theme looks before you download it as a single ZIP file. The best thing about this app is that you can pause and resume your customization whenever you require. It creates a unique URL for your work that saves all your settings.



Lavish is an online application that generates a Bootstrap color scheme using an image, which you can customize as per your requirements. To generate a color scheme, you are required to provide the URL of an image. Once you’re done, it automatically generates colors from the given image for the text, header, links, tabs, menu, dropdown, body background and more. You can then customize all these, if you’re not satisfied with the scheme generated by Lavish. After making your customizations, you can download the Boostrap.css or Variables.less file.



The BootTheme lets you create mockups, themes, web pages and apps using a drag and drop UI. It features an online code editor through which you can edit CSS, HTML, CoffeeScript and JavaScript code using in-place editing. It also allows you to edit LESS variables and import Bootstrap variables.

It features a preview panel in which you can see your changes instantly. Moreover, you can preview your design on multiple screen sizes to check whether it’s responsive or not. After editing your code, you can download it with a single mouse click.

Price: Free for non-commercial use, while paid plans start from $9.99 per month.


Bootply is a drag-and-drop visual editor that lets you rapidly design and build interfaces for Bootstrap. Using this tool, it’s quite easy to edit CSS, HTML and JavaScript code. It can be easily integrated with other popular plugins, frameworks, and micro-libraries, including jQueryUI, AngularJS, jQuery, FontAwesome, Isotope, Google Maps, and many others.

You can also take advantage of its code repository to grab snippets, templates, and examples. It has an active collaborative community, which helps you discover, share and showcase your Bootstrap code and snippets.



BootUI is a visual editor that allows you to edit Bootstrap templates without any HTML or CSS knowledge. Using it, you can edit a template in three simple steps: select a template for your webpage, double click to edit your content, and publish your changes. It has free updates, works offline and features a diverse collection of 24 responsive templates.

If you want a specific bootstrap template, just send the layout of your web page to the BootUI team and they will create a responsive design according to your requirements at no extra cost.

Price:Free trial and $49.95 to purchase.


Fancyboot is an amazing Bootstrap customization tool that lets you edit Bootstrap installations. You can see a real-time preview while you’re customizing a variable. You can select and preview your favorite colors using the color picker, use the side menu and select the components and jQuery plugins you wish to use.

It includes extra variables which are not present on the official customization page. Once you’ve made your customizations, you can download a ZIP file that includes compiled jQuery plugins with compiled and minified CSS.


Bootstrap Live Editor:

The Bootstrap Live Editor is a WYSIWYG editor that lets you edit and beautify HTML content, using Bootstrap ready UI elements, in a simple and elegant way. It boasts a wealth of features, including configurable toolbar buttons, advanced text styling using CSS3 effects and Google fonts, responsive video integration from YouTube and Vimeo, HTML view/edit with code coloring and formatting, in-place editing, and more. Besides, it provides you with the facility to easily insert and customize Bootstrap elements like Link Buttons, Jumbotron, Labels, Well, Icon Glyphs, Responsive Image and Alerts.

Price: Starts at $37 for a single application and go up to $750 for extended application.

Bootstrap Magic:

Bootstrap Magic, made with AngularJS, is a powerful web utility through which you can create your own Bootstrap theme easily and quickly. You can see a live preview of all the changes you’ve made while crafting your theme. It supports LESS and all of its functions and comes with useful tools like smart typehead, variable importer, and color picker. Using it, you can customize the framework according to your own style.

After creating or customizing your theme, it allows you to download your personalized CSS and minified LESS variables.


Style Bootstrap:

Style Bootstrap is a web-based GUI tool through which you can create unique web designs by customizing the look and feel of Twitter Bootstrap. With this utility, you can customize different types of elements, including buttons, typography, forms, body style, navigation, alerts, and more. After you’ve finished editing, it allows you to download the customized CSS file.



X-Editable is a library that offers inline editing with any engine, including Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery UI and pure jQuery. It lets you create elements on your page that are easily editable, including inline and popup modes.

It has a lot of features, including live events, keyboard support, client-side and server-side validation, customizable container placement, and toggle by click, dblclick or manually. Additionally, it is more convenient for small forms and provides faster development, a simple backend script for data updates, and easy adding/removing fields.



BootSwatchr, inspired by Bootswatch, is a visual tool that allows you to create custom Bootstrap themes from the scratch. It uses LESS library to generate dynamic, modular stylesheets to give you a live preview of the changes you make. One of the best features of this customizer is that it supports Right-To-Left language display.

To get started, you’re required to create a new BootSwatch and edit the code given on the left side of the screen. You can then see a real-time preview of your changes on the right side. After you’ve finished, you can download the full or minified CSS file.



Pingendo is a simple desktop application that allows you to create mockups and prototypes using the Twitter Bootstrap framework. With this app, it’s very easy to create your own design from the ground up. It offers a collection of ready-to-use layouts that you can use as the basis of your project.

To start your project, you’re required to choose a layout from their collection, drag elements into position, customize or resize them, and insert your own content. In addition, it also lets you edit CSS rules through the Snippets CSS panel. It comes with a DOM-tree editor in which you can insert new elements and edit their properties and/or styles.



PaintStrap lets you create beautiful Bootstrap themes using COLOURLovers or Adobe Kuler color schemes. To begin, you have to input either the color scheme permalink URL or theme ID and then set the colors for related elements like buttons, navigation, text, links, and background etc.

After you’re done, you can download the generated CSS files one by one or as a theme. It’s quite easy to install and you can also use it as a Kickstrap theme. Furthermore, you can share your theme in PaintStrap Gallery and download the themes created by other users.


If you are using any other Bootstrap editor, you can share that in the comment section given below.

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