Sending Email in an ADF XML format to ELEAD CRM.

In the automotive field, ADF XML is considered as the standard data delivery format. In this process, emails are sent in a definitive xml pattern to the CRMs. On the CRMs side, like ELEAD etc, there is a qualified programming code to extract the information from this XML. In this tutorial, I am going to show you what is this ADF Format likely about, how we can send an email in this format using PHP, how it is collected by a popular CRM, ELEAD and I will also tell you that how can you implement the same functionality in joomla.


 Folowing is a standard XML format for sending an automotive lead.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <?ADF VERSION="1.0"?>
       <id sequence="yourLeadID" source="site name"></id>
        <vehicle interest="buy" status="used">
        <model>Ford Focus</model&gt
        <name part="first" type="individual">John</name>
        <name part="last" type="individual">XYZ</name>
     <email>john at</email>
     <phone type="home">111-222-7777</phone>
     <phone type="mobile">111-444-5555</phone>
     <phone type="work">111-222-3333</phone>
     <comments>Inquiry regarding vehicle</comments>
       <name part="full">website name from where you are sending email</name>
       <email>john at</email>
       <phone type="business">111-666-7777</phone>

     Sending an email through php.     

     I am assuming that you have setup a complete form and now you are fetching the form values through "POST".
   $fname = $_POST['FirstName'];
   $lname = $_POST['LastName'];
   $email = $_POST['Email'];
   $home = $_POST['PhoneHome'];
   $work = $_POST['PhoneWork'];
   $mobile = $_POST['PhoneMbile'];
   $msg = $_POST['msg'];
   $vin = $_POST['vin'];
   $year = $_POST['year'];
   $make = $_POST['make'];
   $model = $_POST['model'];
   $stock = $_POST['stock'];
   $currentdate = date();
   $businessname = $_POST['businessname'];
   $businessemail = $_POST['businessemail'];
   $businessphone = $_POST['businessphone'];

   $to = "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.";
   $subject = "This is subject";
   $message = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <?ADF VERSION="1.0"?>
        <id sequence="uniqueLeadId" source="sitename"></id>
        <vehicle interest="buy" status="used">
          <name part="first" type="individual">'.$fname.'</name>
          <name part="last" type="individual">'.$lname.'</name>
          <phone type="home">'.$home.'</phone>
          <phone type="work">'.$work.'</phone>
          <phone type="mobile">'.$mobile.'</phone>
            <name part="full">'.$businessname.'</name>
            <phone type="business">'.$businessphone.'</phone>

$mail = mail ($to, "", $message);

           You can use the same code in joomla to send email by using RSForms, like 
           $frm = $_POST['form'];
           $fname = $frm['FirstName'];  and so on

             After sending the form and executing the above code, the email will be send to ELEAD CRM. To check it, first login.
             After login. click on the + sign on the left of inbox. Now you will see three options there. Your new lead email will be collected on the "New Leads" page and the emails with no definite pattern would be saved in "unMatched" email section.

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