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Size of a web page is a basic factor in SEO, so check your site web page size by just entering the URL and then press the submit button.

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It is one of the outstanding SEO tools which codingace provides and improved them a lot over the years.

How Page Size Checker tool works?

Websites which have web pages with small size easily rank on search engines because it will not only help you in terms of search engine optimization but also your website will load faster. To find out what is the size of a web page you can use our web page size checker tool. Using this tool you can calculate the size of an unlimited number of web pages and that too for free. It will show the size of the web page both in Bytes and KB. Once you know what is the size of the web pages present on your website you can optimize them and make them search engine friendly.

The bounce rate of a page depends a lot on the page size and loading speed and it may increase if both are poorly set and monitored. As a web developer, I suggest to have the size of the web page around 14 KB which gives outstanding results on both desktop and mobile devices.

According to Google’s recent announcement of mobile first indexing, page size determination has become more important because more page size means poor user experience on mobile, which definitely hurts rankings on search engines.

So how to reduce a web page size:

I have discussed a lot on the importance of page size in SEO. Now let me show you how can exactly be the size decreased.

The first thing to set is the CSS and JS file compression. You can do it manually if you are not using any CMS and website is developed in plain html. You can use a tool like minifier, to compress your script files online. It is free of cost.

If you are using a CMS like wordpress, there are a lot of plugins that are available for this purpose, such as hummingbird to optimize and minify CSS and JS code. Similarly, if you are using Joomla, you can use JCH Optimize for that. It is always a best practice to always put the css and js code in a separate file and not in the base html file. Also avoid inline css and js code.

The second most important point to consider is the image compression. Reducing image sizes creates a huge impact in the size reduction of a web page. You can use the tool, like CompressJPEG to compress images online, or if you are using wordpress, you can use WP Compressor plugin for that.


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