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Check the DMOZ listing of any website through this free DMOZ listing checker tool. Enter up to 100 URLs (Each URL must be on a separate line)


This tool has been updated over time and a multiple or bulk domain check facility is also provided so that users can save time. This free tool generates reports of all the domains in a matter of a second. You can even check 100 domains at a time.

If you have a business of acquiring and selling websites, this tool can give you the added benefit of checking whether the site has a DMOZ listing and can value it accordingly.

About Dmoz Listing Checker

AOL is the creator of one of the biggest human-built directories called demos, which is also known as the open directory project, and has websites which are trusted by all the search engines. If your website is ranked high in the SERP and is considered as a trusted website in the eyes of the search engines, then it will definitely appear in the Dmoz listing. It is easy to submit a website to this listing, but it takes time for the website to be accepted and get listed there. You can use a dmoz listing tool if you have submitted your Dmoz listing site and would like to check and see whether it is shown in the list.

This is a free tool through which you can check all your websites individually or combined. You can add up to 100 domains at the same time with this tool. The tool will display under the status if your website is listed on your DMOZ listing, but it won’t appear under the status area if it’s not listed.

Tips to get your website listed in the Dmoz Directory easily.

If you are finding it difficult to get your website listed, then you can follow some of the tips which I have mentioned below.

  • Dmoz has a lot of categories and if you are submitting your website, make sure that you are selecting the appropriate available category. Always keep in mind that the category which you are selecting is relevant to your website or niche.
  • When you are filling out the submission form, make sure that you mention 3-4 websites as the candidate websites. You can use Google to discover websites not affiliated with this website.
  • You need to keep a few things in your mind when you are filling out your application form.

Mention your internet experience – If you know any markup language, you can mention it here. Make sure to mention here if you have any SEO experience.

Why do you want to become the editor– You can conclude that this is essential to maintain a list of high quality websites, which is the work of an editor, which you are ready to do.

Mention your interest in the category – Ensure that you demonstrate your interest in your category of subjects. Explain all the information that relates to the selected category.

Tell the websites associated – If you are linked to a high-quality website, it will assist you to get your application form accepted instantly. You can mention the websites with which you have been associated in the past.

These tips will assist you in getting your website listed in the Dmoz directory. You can quickly check the status of your website using the Dmoz listing tool.

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