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Find out Code to Text Ratio of your web page through this free Tool. It first finds html code, compares it with the amount of content and multiplies the result with 100.

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About Code to Text ration checker

Website code to text radio checking is very important part of a page seo. A lot of people don’t know about text to HTML ratio and think that it is not that important. It is very important as all the major search engines like Google and Bing consider Website text radio when they crawl your page and it is also important for SEO as it is going to help the search engine spiders in the calculation of relevancy of the web page. In order to find out what is the website text ratio or text to HTML ratio of your website you can use our website text ratio tool. By using this tool, you will be able to perform a test and find out what is the quantity of both text and code there and can do what you think appropriate in order to fix any issue if it may arise.

Using the tool is very easy as you just have to enter the URL of the web page in the url address bar and click the Submit button. The tool will display the code to text ratio along with the text content size. You will also be able to find out the total HTML size using this tool.

Why to calculate code to text ratio?

Adding more images and creating more sections with elements in a web page requires more html code and this more html code increases the load time of a web page. Similarly, less text adds less meaning to a specific page and google is always looking for text to make an overall sense of what the page is about and through this, it creates an overall ranking, although it takes other factors into account.

So it is always a good idea to calculate the code to text ratio of a web page to get better ranking and user attention.

How is the Text Ratio of website determined?

The content shown on the web page is actually the text. The web text ratio is an actual text found in the web page, in relation to the code you see on your website. This code is usually HTML and the contents of this web page is text.

What is the ideal code to text ratio?

There are many theories about it, but 3:7 or 30% of code and 70% of the text is considered as the best approach, because according to experts, it is a good ratio when we take SEO into account.

Website text ration needs to be balanced and as we all know that the websites which come with animation or flash contents look really beautiful, but no one wants to go through these as there is no content present on them. Because of this, it is nearly impossible to see its ranking in search engines naturally. The website text ratio needs to be 10% at least for the text present on your website and 90% of the code. It is suggested that the more is text the better it is. All search engines focus on the content on a page because more content is always better regarded.


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