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This free backlink checker tool facilitates you to find exact number of backlinks as per Alexa, Google and Bing. Quality backlinks are very much important for better site ranking for a particular keyword.

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This is a free backlink checker tool to check your backlinks and indexed pages statistics from three major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

About Backlink Analyzer

The following article will give you a detailed insight into how the backlink analyzer works and how to analyze its results. One of the primary uses of this free backlink checker is to export the total number of backlinks already listed along with Link Domain, Site URL and Title. You should note, though, that the number of backlinks is not the only important thing. While this plays an important role in grabbing more traffic, it’s not enough to have many backlinks. You should also be sure to check the quality and consistency¬†of these as well.

What is the link between popularity and why is it important?

Link Popularity (having many in-bound one-way links to a site) is evidence that many people consider the site to be legitimate and authorative, thus having a good credibility score. This evaluation of “Link Popularity” (a concept mostly pioneered by Google) is important to the major search engines in order for them to determine how to provide high quality search results.

Are all links created equal?

No. The search engines can look at a link’s source and give it more weight than others. For example, an In-Bound link to your site from has far more weight than a link and provides much more legitimacy to your site.

What is the timeframe used by the Link Popularity Checker to capture link popularity data?

The reply is doable. Link Popularity is recorded in real time by search engines. However, the study collects popularity information every two weeks in order to benchmark the connection. To get a precise perspective on the link popularity of a site, it is suggested to check once a month. The better way to assess your general achievement and benchmark against your rivals is to view and analyze this information over a period of several months.

Why do I get a different number each time I check my site?

The statistics reported by the Link Popularity Checker are obtained straight from the search engines. For any sort of factors (i.e. rapidly shifting indexes running on various server farms), the number identified by a search engine may vary significantly. A few times in a row, checking your link popularity will rapidly indicate to you that the findings tend to fall within a limited range. To evaluate your actual progress and benchmark your rivals, check your link popularity at least once a month and set a precedent over time.

How do I interpret my link popularity score?

Your Link Popularity score should be looked at in two respects:

  • How do you compare yourself in the same keyword space with your direct rivals and others? This will simply give you a hunch about your online market visibility.
  • Does the popularity of your link score increase or decrease with time? This helps you to understand that you need additional marketing to expose you to a wider audience when it doesn’t grow.

How can I increase my link popularity?

The popularity of Link can be improved through the deployment of a number of methods and strategies, including the complete submission of sites to all main search engines and directories (for startups), letter campaigns, viral advertising apps, and much more with a sustained optimization approach to the search engine rankings.

Why does MSN search report link popularity when I know there are more than this?!

Unfortunately, in linkdomain searches, Bing Web Search does not support hyphens… A URL such as’ ‘will lead to 0 MSN search connections. This does not necessarily mean, of course, that there are no linked pages for you. The Link Popularity Checker Visibility Index can not support them until a Bing web search can help with a hyphenated linkdomain search. At http:/ you can test an “Advanced” search… Enter your domain like; from the drop-down box, select “URL links,” then select the check box “Step-in.” Your search will lead to a link popularity search as close as possible. NOTE that the subsequent links can not be used.

Why does Google return 0 or very low link popularity when I know there are more than this?!

The “www” part of the domain name you report on works more effectively in the link domain search at Google. If you only enter the second level domain part of your domain name, Google will repeatedly return a value of 0 or smaller. For a Google precise link popularity review, enter the “www.” part of your domain name (if appropriate).

What is the difference between link popularity and search saturation? The numbers look very different.

The popularity of the link relates to the number of websites with a direct link to your domain. There are therefore around 3,704 websites with a link from to and with a connection to that domain.. This would have some 29,219 sites. This reflects no evaluation.

Search Engine Saturation is the number of websites listed by search engines for a domain name. The analysis of the report which you are generating using the Link Population Survey tool shows that 5 of the top search engines (Fast, AltaVista, Google, Hotbot, Northern lights) now have the ability to browse your websites.

Final Words

Building your backlinks is one of the most important tasks to achieve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) goal.

To most search engines, backlinks are considered a “vote” to another website. The more votes you receive, the more chances you will receive a better Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP).

With this free search engine backlink checker tool, you can keep track of your backlink statistics in one easy click. If you have a permanent or sponsor listing in our web directory, you can even access your site’s history, backlinks, and indexed pages statistics at no extra cost.

This is one of the tools we provide to you to achieve your ultimate Search Engine Optimization goal.

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