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Allowance calculator calculates much you can get in tax allowance using its own private car in the job, during the year. It also finds out whether you are getting a profit of driving allowance and the tax this provides.

  Obtained allowance up to 10.000 km  
  Received allowance of 10.000 km  
  Obtained allowance Electric car  
  Submit any fixed allowance (per year)    
  Wage income (before mileage allowance)    
  What year will you count on    
  Do you live in USA?    
  Run lengths by car km   Amount  
  Normal execution (without supplements)    
  With the addition of extra passenger     
  With the addition of driving on forest and construction roads      
  With the addition of quad necessary trailer      
  If you are resident in Washington?    
  Total vehicle kilometers / mileage allowance    
  Tax allowance second means of conveyance:: km   Amount  
  Motorcycle over 125 cc      
  Moped and motorcycle even 125 cc     
  Motor boat from the 50 hp      
  Boat with motor up to 50 hp     
  Other vehicles      
  Total tax allowance    
  Total allowances paid    
  Taxable remuneration    
  Tax on profits    
  Net allowance    

Requirements: Post what you receive in allowance generally. Basically, it should be the tax-free rates, which are pre-calculated. But you can add other bets. Salary Income must be entered to calculate the correct tax on any profit on driving allowance. You can choose whether you want to look at the tax year 2016 or 2015. You can also enter an optional fixed annual addition. 

If you receive a fixed allowance, enter zero on the upper fields for mileage at the top of the calculator.

 You must enter zero in the field of Fixed allowance, if you are just getting allowance.

If you get a combination you should both enter run allowance per kilometer and fixed remuneration.

Tax allowance: Here are the tax-free driving allowance calculated . 

For the run lengths for car, enter how many kilometers you've driven in the profession with normal car and electric vehicle. Any additional wagering set up for themselves, because these may be shorter than the total mileage that is run. On these additions is assumed that you receive the tax-free allowance.

 For the run lengths for other means of transport, you have to enter the number of kilometers of car-related allowances. In record required trailer also applies to the use of own car when the weight is at least 150 kg, or the volume is at least 0.5 m 3 . Here it is assumed that you receive the tax-free allowance.


  Displays the sum of the total tax allowance drive you can get out of mileage.


Important Note:  I, as a developer do not guarantee the accuracy of the results of this calculator, so use these at your own responsibility.

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