Build and maintain websites for profit

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Like many other businesses, websites are also promoted online to earn maximum profit. But ways to make money from websites is quite different from making money by real estate, shopping stores, cloth industries and many other organizations. (more…)

Benefits of Ecommerce websites

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Today we are living in E­Commerce generation. There are huge number of forums that provide online shopping facilities to internet users. Specially designed websites are working for promotion of different products and services. These websites are build by focusing the shopping requirements of people as well as the industrial demands. They provide them with the apt information about the products so that they may stop and shop without any difficulty.

Advantages of having good customer service.

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Now a days, in national or international markets and in any kind of businesses, customer services have become the basic requirement. They are the key to successful entrepreneurship. Yet in many spheres of businesses, the owners don’t know how much beneficial are the good customer services. They have no idea about what customers demand and what hopes they have with the brand. (more…)

Welcome to Joomla 3.x extension development crash course

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Learn Joomla 3 extension development from scratch. In this course we are going to build a complete joomla extension from scratch and each step will be explained in a full detail along with code. After this tutorial you will be able to create a basic joomla extension easily. (more…)

Passing variables and data from PHP to Javascript

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In this post I am showing you how to pass data or variables from PHP to Javascript. When we open a web page, HTML and Javascript loads in background, which can execute JS on that html.  It commonly occurs in your programming experience that you need to pass a variable from php to javascript. Here I am discussing some ways, through which you can accomplish this motive. (more…)

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